Chinese #domain thieves or misguided domain owners?

Domain owners continue to cry “murder” when the unthinkable happens: losing control of a domain they used to manage. Registrars such as Google Domains increase their user base thanks to the household name qualities their brand acquired through the years. In the eyes of the consumer, they are trustworthy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, […]

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Alert : is a #stolen #domain name, according to its owner

The aged, three letter domain has been stolen, according to its owner, who registered it in 1997. Mr. Stanley Chen continuously renewed his premium three letter .com up to 2019, only to find it recently in the possession of another party. According to historic WHOIS data from DomainTools, the domain changed hands in […]

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A large number of stolen premium domains are being offered for sale, after the legitimate owner’s accounts were hijacked. As reported on NamePros, the following domain names are currently stolen: The WHOIS of […]

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Corporate crime : Domain stolen by former employee, at GoDaddy

Corporate crime by active or former employees often involves domains; in a new case involving GoDaddy as the registrar, a company’s former employee allegedly hijacked its domain name. Someone using the alias “NetSkopos” reported the following at the GoDaddy community forum: We had a now former employee seek out and discover our GoDaddy account info […]

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Alert : is a stolen domain name!

The domain is now officially stolen, and its owner wants everyone to know he did not put it up for sale. The domain thief is attempting to circumvent secure domain transaction venues, such as, and is seeking payment for via Bitcoin. That’s an indication right there for a sketchy deal! Mr. Gerard […]

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GoDaddy user claims was stolen

A GoDaddy user venting off at the support forum of, made a bold claim that was stolen from him, “many years ago.” User “Web_Investigator” was responding to a thread about domains that apparently expired, with the following statement: My, my, my.   Another domain stolen?   Who do so many people forget.  Stealing domain names […]

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Domain theft : Should you wait to report your domain got stolen?

Domain theft is a serious crime. Investors losing domains to cybercriminals in elaborate hacking incidents or phishing attacks, have a narrow window of opportunity to respond. In the past, we’ve covered cases where domain names were identified as stolen weeks and months after the incident. Typically, the delay is due to the owner’s lack of […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : NamePros locks down appraisal thread on suspicion of domain theft

NamePros locked down an appraisal thread for the domain, on suspicion of domain theft. The domain changed hands unexpectedly, less than a week ago, after, a domain controlling its Registrant and Admin accounts expired, and was re-registered. This is a classic example of domain hijacking, and the person who opened the appraisal […]

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Domain crime : is a stolen domain name

The three letter domain was recently auctioned at Sedo, and the winning bid was for $36,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the domain has now been reported as stolen. The real owners, GMF, Inc. is a Virginia corporation, having held the domain for years. The Sedo auction’s winner, domain broker, James Booth, communicated with the real owners […]

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Domain crime warning : has been reported as stolen

The three letter .com domain,, has been reported as stolen. According to information acquired by domain broker, James Booth, was confirmed as stolen by its legitimate owner, Mr. Christopher C. Hyun. The theft occurred in early March, when was moved to GoDaddy, away from a Network Solutions account. Its owner, who operates […]

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Domain crime : has been reported as stolen

The domain name has been reported as stolen; the current registrant attempted to sell the domain at NamePros. An established domain investor from India reported the sales thread which has now been closed. The seller appears to be from Russia, and his account has now been closed by the NamePros moderators. The previous owner […]

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Domain crime : Stolen domain has been recovered via UDRP

It took a lengthy UDRP to recover the premium, three letter domain,, which had been stolen by a cyberthief. In July 2015, APG Technologies, LLC acquired the 20 year old domain from its previous owner, for the sum of $30,000 dollars. The domain, at the time, was registered with Network Solutions; in September […]

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