Domain crime: List of currently stolen #domains

Domain theft is a crime that relies on two parameters to succeed: keeping the victim unaware of the crime and presenting the stolen assets for sale to unsuspecting buyers. In the case of domain names, domain theft affects the victim’s business and communications, perhaps even their personal identity. Once resold, these domain assets become “laundered” […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : A 1994 #domain has been stolen by busy Chinese thief

Aged and active domain name has been reported as stolen, after the thief listed it for sale on Afternic. Registered in 1994, has served as a resource for the programming language Perl. The theft occurred around September 2020 but the Afternic listing is fresh; changing the DNS to Afternic nameservers disrupted the web […]

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Stolen still, the #domain was moved to the Uni Market is a stolen domain and the thief has been hopping around domain selling venues. After being blocked from selling on Afternic and Sedo, the domain was added to the Uni Market. The thief wanted $80,000 dollars with a BIN lander at the time. Hours later it was removed by Uniregistry’s administrators, that are […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. and are stolen domains still listed on #Afternic was stolen from its rightful owners by a domain thief, most likely from China. The domain was listed for sale on various venues such as Sedo and Afternic. It has been removed from Sedo but the listing is still live on Afternic. The thief is trying to get any price for, changing its […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. and appear to be stolen #domains

The premium domains and appear to be stolen assets. Both domains were moved to the Chinese registrar BizCN and have been listed for sale at Afternic and Sedo, at prices well below their value. Domain investor, Bill Patterson, noted the listings and their ridiculous prices on Twitter: was listed first @ $17.5k. […]

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