Stolen domains:,,

The domain names,, and have one thing or two in common. For starters, all 3 domains are registered at Network Solutions, using WHOIS privacy. They are premium and aged, as they were registered in the mid 1990s. One more thing in common is that they have been reported as stolen, by two […]

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Warning:,, are stolen domain names

A group of short, premium domain names, has been reported as stolen. The stash includes,, and several others. The theft occurred in late December with the domains being moved unlawfully away from the owner’s account to The following domain names are currently stolen from domain investor Gregg Ostrick‘s account: […]

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Sonoma Valley Hospital: is still a stolen #domain name

On August 6, 2019, the Sonoma Valley Hospital went into red alert. Celia Kruse de la Rosa, the hospital’s communications director, noted at the time that, their prestigious three letter .com domain and hospital acronym, had been “maliciously acquired.” It was yet another case of domain hijacking, with a highly valuable LLL .com getting […]

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The high traffic domain was reported as stolen at GoDaddy yesterday. The domain has been a popular repository of graphic resources, with a high followship on Adobe Behance and Facebook. The brazen thief is seeking to extort $5,000 dollars from the victim, in exchange for the stolen domain. Offering an “alternate plan,” the cybercriminal […]

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Warning: is currently a stolen #domain name

The domain name has been stolen from its legitimate owners, and is currently in the possession of the Greenberg & Lieberman law firm. The thief appears to be from Montenegro; the sale to domain investor, James Booth, was halted once information emerged about the status of James delivered the domain to Greenberg & […]

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The saga has ended for the owner of and as both domains have been returned and are now in their possession. Both domains were at NameSecure, a domain registrar operated by After a long quest for their return, the domains were moved away from GoDaddy where the Algerian thief had transferred them […]

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The domains and were stolen and transferred away to GoDaddy by a persistent domain thief. The theft was publicized in February and since then the owner has been working with the registrars involved in this unlawful transfer to reverse it. Since late March, both domains are back in the original accounts at NameSecure, […]

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The brazen theft of shows just how far operatives in countries with lax IP laws can go. Luckily, the domain name was returned to its rightful owner, programmer Tom Christiansen. At the time that the incident was made public, the domain had been transferred to Chinese domain registrar BizCN. The registrar’s erratic […]

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Stolen #domains:, snatched from Network Solutions

A group of ultra premium domain names has been reported as stolen and moved away from Network Solutions. The cache of stolen domains include the following: Three of these domains were moved from NetSol to Shinjiru MSC Sdn Bhd, an ICANN-accredited registrar based in Malaysia. The practice is familiar: a registrant’s […]

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The aged, premium domain name has been reported as stolen. was moved away from its registrant’s possession at Network Solutions, to BizCN in China. The same domain registrar was used in several other recent domain theft incidents that included the high profile case of Thomas E. Dell, founder of Soylent Communications, is […]

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The domain was returned to its legitimate owners late last week, moving back to Network Solutions. Brian D. Foy, operator of, confirmed that the domain was returned: “Network Solutions got back. Your WHOIS records should show that.” Indeed, was returned to Network Solutions on Friday, February 5th. As we reported a […]

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Stolen domains: and in the possession of Algerian thief

A persistent domain thief has usurped the domains and, offering them for sale privately and in public forums. The domain was used as the “trojan horse” to access, a premium three letter .com domain. Its legitimate owner, Brel Software Pte Ltd, were notified of the theft only recently; the domains were […]

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