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Perl.com #domain theft incident detailed by operator’s testimonial

The brazen theft of Perl.com shows just how far operatives in countries with lax IP laws can go. Luckily, the domain name Perl.com was returned to its rightful owner, programmer Tom Christiansen. At the time that the incident was made public, the domain Perl.com had been transferred to Chinese domain registrar BizCN. The registrar’s erratic […]

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CircleID: ICANN getting blasted over ‘lack of compliance enforcement’ with Chinese registrar, BizCn

In an article titled “ICANN and Your Internet Abuse“, Garth Bruen’s article on CircleID blasts ICANN’s lack of enforcing compliance to a domain registrar. The culprit appears to be a number of issues with the ICANN accredited registrar, BizCn, which is based in China. According to Bruen, BizCn has been “cited as a comfortable home […]

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