#domain theft incident detailed by operator’s testimonial

The brazen theft of shows just how far operatives in countries with lax IP laws can go. Luckily, the domain name was returned to its rightful owner, programmer Tom Christiansen. At the time that the incident was made public, the domain had been transferred to Chinese domain registrar BizCN. The registrar’s erratic […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. and other #domains moved back to Network Solutions after brazen theft

The domain was returned to its legitimate owners late last week, moving back to Network Solutions. Brian D. Foy, operator of, confirmed that the domain was returned: “Network Solutions got back. Your WHOIS records should show that.” Indeed, was returned to Network Solutions on Friday, February 5th. As we reported a […]

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Domain crime: List of currently stolen #domains

Domain theft is a crime that relies on two parameters to succeed: keeping the victim unaware of the crime and presenting the stolen assets for sale to unsuspecting buyers. In the case of domain names, domain theft affects the victim’s business and communications, perhaps even their personal identity. Once resold, these domain assets become “laundered” […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : A 1994 #domain has been stolen by busy Chinese thief

Aged and active domain name has been reported as stolen, after the thief listed it for sale on Afternic. Registered in 1994, has served as a resource for the programming language Perl. The theft occurred around September 2020 but the Afternic listing is fresh; changing the DNS to Afternic nameservers disrupted the web […]

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