: A 1994 #domain has been stolen by busy Chinese thief

Aged and active domain name has been reported as stolen, after the thief listed it for sale on Afternic. Registered in 1994, has served as a resource for the programming language Perl.

The theft occurred around September 2020 but the Afternic listing is fresh; changing the DNS to Afternic nameservers disrupted the web site’s visibility, alerting the domain’s legitimate owners.

The domain was moved away from Network Solutions, indicating a streamlined theft process that makes use of social engineering and the supply of fraudulent documents. has been transferred to Key Systems, a German domain registrar, but the original move was to Chinese domain registrar BizCN. There is a chance that the domain was sold in the black domain market.

The active Chinese thief listed, and under their Afternic account, an indication that it’s the same person who also stole as we reported.

On Afternic, the thief used the account handle “drawmaster.” That account has now been disabled by Afternic.

Update: the domain also followed the same path and is stolen as well.

Update 1/29/2021: the domain was also reported as stolen.

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