HSTF.com: Seller gets questioned about value, raises price

The registrant and seller of the domain name HSTF.com received some undue resistance by a potential buyer, internet entrepreneur, Reilly Chase.

Chase asserts to have built Hostifi.net—now Hostifi.com—into a SaaS services provider that has generated $7 million dollars in revenue. There are no references to the net profits, however it should be sufficient leftover to acquire HSTF.com for $12,000 dollars.

In a Twitter thread, Reilly Chase “summons” the domain investor community to see if anyone sides with his opinion: HSTF.com is worth $2,000 dollars tops.

Of course, one should not summon the daemons one is not familiar with. Domainers jumped into the exchange in an attempt to educate the frugal entrepreneur about the true valuation of “Western letters” LLLL .com domain names, regardless of budgetary concerns of potential buyers.

But wasting time might have its consequences. The domain HSTF.com, which is a silent variant of Chase’s own Hostifi.com, is now more expensive as the seller added $3k to the asking price overnight for a going price of $15,000 dollars. Oops!

Moral of the story: If you plan to acquire a domain and have questions or concerns, do so in private, quietly, and fly under the radar.

Publicly blowing up everyone’s alarms has consequences: you might lose the opportunity to buy it cheap(er.)

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