Sedo LLLL .com auction results topped by

Sedo held a week-long auction of four letter (LLLL) .com domain names, via its GreatDomains platform. The auction involved 290 domain names with a low reserve of 99 (dollars/Euro/British pounds.) The results are in: 160 domains were sold, for a total of $49,901 dollars (conversion to USD took place before tallying the sales.) Top domain […]

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Seven with Sedo: LLLL .com auctions at GreatDomains – Low reserve!

Welcome to the 1st Sedo auction & GreatDomains, with a LLLL .com theme in 2023! GreatDomains is a bi-monthly auction by Sedo, our kind sponsors. Featuring a hand-curated selection of four letter .com domains, this month’s auction is live and will last from January 19th to January 26th, 2023. The auction features 290 LLLL .com […]

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Sedo: First LLLL .com domain auction in 2023!

If you have quality four letter .com domain names (LLLL) Sedo wants to sell them on your behalf. The first Sedo auction in 2023 takes place from January 19th to the 26th which means one thing: you need to submit your domains to Sedo as soon as possible! Here are the requirements for your LLLL […]

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When you think of catchy, brandable domain names such as there’s a rule of thumb to gauge their (re)selling potential. They are: Dot .com Short – between one to two syllables Good letters – no QJXZ Clean past history In the case of, the domain sold for $10,077 dollars on DropCatch today, the […]

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GreatDomains: Results of super-successful auction topped by

Sedo, our premium sponsor, held a week-long GreatDomains auction featuring four letter (LLLL) .com domains. The auction is over and the results are in; from the numbers we can tell that this was a super-successful auction, perhaps the biggest one in terms of sales volume. A total of 381 domains were sold. The top sale […]

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Seven with Sedo: GreatDomains LLLL .com auction ends on Thursday

Sedo owns and operates GreatDomains, a bi-monthly domain auction of premium, hand-selected digital properties. Our kind sponsor invites domain owners to auction off their domain names and this time around, it’s a LLLL .com auction with more than 430 listed domain names for sale. The auction started on May 19th and will carry on until […]

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Sedo deal: Official Fume upgraded to

The domain was recently sold on Sedo for the sum of $160,000 dollars. is a rare, four letter .com domain and its sales price reflects that. Who is the buyer of Just as we predicted at the time, the buyer is vaping company Fume. The company performed a smart domain rebranding from […]

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Sedo: The LLLL .com #domain auction results are in

Sedo, our premium sponsor, held a week-long auction of four letter (LLLL) .com domain names and the results are in. From a list of 355 domain names, here’s what was sold (300 domains) and at what price (USD/EUR/GBP:) Note: the list is sorted in numerical order and does not take into account the conversion rates […]

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Sedo: Four letters & liquidity of LLLL .com domain names

Sponsored by Sedo.  Domain investors often seek to acquire four letter .com domains, also known as LLLLs, due to their liquidity and reselling value. Consisting of four letters (A-Z) these 456,976 .com combinations provide almost half a million short domains, far more than just three letter combinations—yet, still very usable for businesses, brands, and projects. […]

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Got LLLL .com #domain names for sale? Send them to #Sedo!

Do you miss Chips, the original Chinese LLLL .com NFTs? 😀 We do. Sedo, our premium sponsor, is holding an open auction for LLLL .com domains. The auction will take place from September 16th to the 23rd, and anyone can participate. The auctioned domains have to be .com, consisting of 4 letters only, with no […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. #NameJet auctioned #domain grabbed by MediaOptions is a great, two syllable LLLL .com domain, beginning and ending with the alphabet’s first letter, “A.” The domain was registered between 1996 – 2021, a full 25 years. The latest registrant was Sealed Air Corporation that apparently allow it to lapse. How did become part of Sealed Air Corporation? In 2007, […]

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Safety Alerts for Operators : sold for five figures

How much would you spend on a four letter, two syllable .com domain?, an acronym that can stand for “Safety Alerts for Operators” took home five figures on DropCatch. After numerous bids, the auction of the dropped domain closed at $13,487 dollars, as seen below: The domain went to a Korean registrant with more […]

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