Markmonitor : Corporate guide to acquiring domain names

A white paper by Markmonitor reveals the recommended corporate approach to domain name acquisition. Titled, “Assessing the Value of a Domain,” this white paper attempts to define the necessary steps, in order to acquire domains necessary to one’s brand strategy. “Have you ever wanted to register a domain only to find that it is already […]

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Domainer chutzpah : Give me $50 to give you a domain price quote

When it comes down to responding to domain inquiries, nothing beats the requirement of a $19 dollar payment. At least, Telepathy has all this streamlined and automated, and it possesses a top notch domain portfolio. An unnamed domain owner is now seeking to cash in on this trend, asking for $50 dollars per price […]

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Is this domain name worth $15,000,000 dollars?

How is a domain’s value calculated? That’s the million dollar question every savvy domain investor ponders over, at least once a day! Quite often, it’s not the domain itself that defines its value, but rather, how it’s being used. In the case of a domain name that paraded itself in social media and television networks, […]

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How much for that domain? A typical domain negotiation exchange

When it comes down to domain negotiations, quite often the seller is burdened with the task of setting a price for their asset. It’s not rare to see both parties, the domain seller and the domain buyer, become reluctant in mentioning a specific price. The reason is very simple: Whoever quotes a price first, loses. […]

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Donald Trump : Sore loser in the battle of domains at Estibot!

When one compares the leading candidates for the presidential election this November, there is no doubt it’ll be a close battle. Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump? That’s like Darth Vader battling his very clone. 🙂 But enough with hardcore politics, let’s move onto domains. It seems that Estibot, the automatic domain evaluation service, is pro-Democrat. […]

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Domainer poster: ArgoF#ckYourself!

For those times when your potential buyer dares question the reasoning behind your domain price quote, you can always tell them what you really feel about it. TGIF! 😀

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Hello and good day or evening to you depending on where you live. I would like to sell for a mere $999,566. Below is my certified premium domain appraisal from What’sMyDomainWorth. As you can see, this name is a bargain. Please post your offers in the comments. Serious individuals only.  If it doesn’t sell, […]

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