Is this domain name worth $15,000,000 dollars?

When it comes to money, domain lowballers offer "stripper tips."

What is this domain worth?

How is a domain’s value calculated?

That’s the million dollar question every savvy domain investor ponders over, at least once a day!

Quite often, it’s not the domain itself that defines its value, but rather, how it’s being used.

In the case of a domain name that paraded itself in social media and television networks, the value is almost $15,000,000 dollars.

How so?

In last week’s Tonight with John Oliver, the TV show host shared how he legally formed a debt collecting agency, and using nothing but a single page lander on a web site, managed to get inquiries regarding the acquisition of debt.

Oliver went ahead and used the company, Central Asset Recovery Professionals, Inc., to buy debt worth $14,922,261.76 dollars for less than 1/2 a cent on the dollar. They ended up spending about $60,000 dollars for the rights to this chunk of debt.

Then, on the show, John Oliver announced that his company is forgiving this medical debt, thus eliminating the financial obligations of nearly 9,000 people associated with it.


The domain used,, surely cost a paltry $10 to register but in terms of function value, it represents almost $15 million dollars in our book.

Watch the video below:

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