Who is this bastard spammer “Eric” from talkwithwebvisitor.com? Wake up, #Cloudflare and #Dynadot

Phuck all spammers.

A guy named “Eric Jones” is spamming emails taken from the WHOIS of domains, and also online contact forms.

The domain used currently is talkwithwebvisitor.com that is registered with Dynadot and hiding behind the free reverse proxy services of Cloudflare.

A typical email from these assholes looks like this:

Hello, my name’s Eric and I just ran across your website at [].com…

I found it after a quick search, so your SEO’s working out…

Content looks pretty good…

One thing’s missing though…

A QUICK, EASY way to connect with you NOW.

Because studies show that a web lead like me will only hang out a few seconds – 7 out of 10 disappear almost instantly, Surf Surf Surf… then gone forever.”

Obviously, that alias “Eric Jones” is fake. So who is hiding behind this mass spam campaign pestering domainers and anyone with an email address?

These phucksticks currently forward talkwithwebvisitor.com, a domain registered last February, to talkwithlead.com.

These mofos use a domain registered in 2016, once again protected behind the DNS servers of Cloudflare and privacy WHOIS. Very convenient.

So digging a little deeper, it looks like talkwithlead.com is in fact operated by a Canadian web host provider, tradeworldcorporation.com. That domain has existed since 2003, so these jagoff spammers have been in the biz of spamming for 17 years at least.

Looking for “Trade World Corporation” we came across this web site that warns visitors to avoid these “Canadian cunts.”

trade world corporation is a SCAM!

trade world reviews:

These are other alias sites for these dirt bags:
AgentWebOnline (AgentWebOnline.com)
AppBuilderOnline (AppBuilderOnline.com)
RegisterRover (RegisterRover.com)

Do NOT sign up with these ASSHOLES!!!

1. It does NOT WORK
I actually LOST customers cause of this SHIT.

2. If you try to terminate the service … You CANNOT!
They will make you go to a special web page which requires a CODE
to terminate the service.
They WILL NOT Give you this code…..lol


3. They will SPAM you FOREVER.

4. You will have to get a NEW credit card to stop them from charging you every month.

5. They will keep SPAMMING you……….FOREVER

6. Do a search on talk with lead review. LOOK at all the RIPOFF REPORTS!


It seems that “Eric Jones” is a Canuck but a cuck as well.

Dynadot needs to shut down these phucksticks immediately, and so should Cloudflare.

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74 Responses to “Who is this bastard spammer “Eric” from talkwithwebvisitor.com? Wake up, #Cloudflare and #Dynadot”
  1. Random Visitor says:

    Yeah, that one annoying f-ker. Before he was “talkwithcustomer”, prob after a while going to change to something else…

  2. Random unhappy visitor says:

    I run a hobby personal website and this guy keeps spamming me. I’m gonna try coding a honeypot as I suspect it’s a bot. If that doesn’t work I’m just gonna blacklist this domain entirely, well until he gets another one.

  3. Webmaster says:

    We have received the same complaints.

    We have gathered that the real person behind all this is Madeline White, a self declared scholar of anthropology and psychology.

    You can read more at our Spams sub forum at:

    There is no reason to believe that this person is yet another fake persona by this website.

  4. Team ED says:

    OK, what can B done to castrate these bad actors?
    Castrating an individual of course won’t help. The service providers must know about talkwithwebvisitor. Moreover, the hosts allow these rotten actors to keep operating despite breaking hosts rules; unless of course hosts are also on the take. Dynadot is a suspect too.
    These bad actors including service providers must be reported to https://www.spamhaus.org/
    I’ve done this, but more need to report these miserable low lives.

  5. David Michaels says:

    If anyone in the US has been stung by this talkwithwebvisitor scammer, please file a report with your local FBI office for wire fraud. This scammer can get extradited from Canada or wherever they are.

  6. Moz says:

    Spamhaus doesn’t seem to have anywhere to send a serial pests, in fact if I read correctly they advise/request not to send them spam addresses?

  7. Litzagency says:

    Heck just got another of those emails as well.. was wondering the same…

  8. Craig Huddleston says:

    So for the last year, I have received emails from “Eric Jones”. Some nights I would receive 10 emails in a row from him. I googled what to do and started forwarding EVERY SINGLE EMAIL to the FCC report spam email which is Spam@UCE.gov.

    Then I started replying to the emails with “I’m interested Eric. I like your idea. Let’s talk.” I never got a response. On October 10th, I received my “I just found your site” bullshit email from our favorite fuckwad Eric Jones and responded with “I love it. Let’s chat!” and am happy to report…. I GOT A MAILER DELIVERY RECEIPT!!! I then went to the website “talkwithwebvisitor” and it is GONE.


    -the end

  9. Bob Lanks says:

    If you want to give them a call and let them know how you feel- this is the phone number they contacted me with: 1-905-502-9991. Make sure you direct your call to Sales.

  10. DavetheRave says:

    Same issue here, I noticed i receive this type of emails every time I install a plugin on my wordpress called CONTACT 7 FORM.
    I did this test several times.
    As soon as I install that plugin the next day I have an email from ERIC JONES.
    Maybe this can help many.
    Very tired of this spammer.

  11. DomainGang says:

    DavetheRave – There is no real person called “Eric Jones” unfortunately, just a very unethical company that used other aliases in the past, for example “Randy” per https://junkmailblog.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/randy-from-talk-with-lead-talkwithlead-com-is-a-spammer/

    You can report them to the Cloudflare abuse department: https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/form

  12. Jeffrey Dalrymple says:

    Anyone found a solution to block these guys? They are using spoofing too. If I mark their message as spam, it marks my email as spam since they are spoofing emails to look like it is coming from my email. Like I am emailing myself. It just keeps getting worse…

  13. DomainGang says:

    Jeffrey – Email abuse@cloudflare.com that are offering proxy DNS *and* domain registrar services for these spammers.

  14. Sven Anderssen says:

    Eric Jones real name is Shishir Del Rio. World’s biggest spammer.

  15. Tracy says:

    Thanks for posting. Found you when I was trying to find them.So FED UP with this guy and want to start my own spamming back. Thanks for doing the background research

  16. Helga Rivera says:

    I just received this email from my company website contact form.
    Thank you!

  17. Helga Rivera says:

    What is the purpose of these spammers?
    Thank you!

  18. Steven wise says:

    Absolute arseholes. I left a review on trustpilot and they complained about my complaint being untrue. They stopped for a few months and just started again this week

  19. Someone needs to bring talkwithwebsitors.com to task. Worst spammers in the world. I have never even signed up with them. To make it extra annoying, they fill out order forms on my website up to daily, fake credit card numbers and all, just to put their sales pitch in the comments section of the order form. That’s over the top for me. What’s the point in having rules against spam if the powers that be do nothing about it for years and years?

  20. DomainGang says:

    Gary – Thank you for the comment. You are not alone. Please file a complaint with their Registrar and DNS provider, by contacting registrar-abuse@cloudflare.com

  21. Liam Holmes says:

    Can Eric Jones be the first person to be hung for spam?

  22. DomainGang says:

    Liam – While I feel your frustration, we do not condone violence against this fake persona used by this spamming company. They need to be sued for billions of dollars, however.

  23. Michael Saari says:

    EricJones spamming has got to stop.. This company is destroying many of hard working American lives and business’s…
    Government will take and steel our hard earned dollars but will do nothing to protect the hard earned incomes of the American people.
    Where is Dana Nessel?

  24. chris says:

    Funny, I just googled the talkwithwevisitors website as I’ve had three spam emails from ‘Eric’ myself today. The title of this post being the first result at least brought a smile. Thanks.

  25. Scott says:

    This idiot keeps using my customer request form to send me spam. I have yet to find a way to prevent it short of completely removing the form. I did report it to cloudflare but I’m not hopeful it will do anything.

  26. Joakim Hall says:

    If I ever get my hands on this “Eric Jones”… The spam email drives me crazy, and has done so for quite some time now. Really frustrating.

  27. Annoyed says:

    I also have the same problem – I wonder if it is a flaw in the Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress, as this is what I use and where I get the Eric Jones spam. It’s also possible my email was scraped from WHOIS before GDPR (I am in EU).

    My bandaid fix (I use Gmail for my emails, my contact form ones are received in my Gmail inbox) is to add a filter to automatically send to spam any emails with ‘Eric Jones’ in it. I think it is unlikely a real Eric Jones will contact me (and if so they can call me via the number on my website) and feel it is a good trade off.

  28. I am pretty sure an ad blocker would stop his stupid software widget, it is not right to steal information like phone numbers and other data with a website right? But this is just another pile of crap in the never-ending river of spam.

  29. tato says:

    Here’s another one more affected by Eric Jones and talkwhitsh***. I have an online store that has been opened to the public on February 5, 2021 and on February 7 I receive a message from the contact form of our “friend” Eric Jones “I am overwhelmed by the ease with which it has been managed to enter A new store opened in less than 2 days.

    Reading this forum I have found people complaining about WP but I use PS so I suppose the problem is in the fields to fill in the data, such as the contact form. My question and fear is, Will these bots be able to register and order online with the same ease as sending a message in the contact form? What solution could there be, a captcha would be enough?

    It is incredible that small companies do not have any help with these types of problems and we have to find solutions for ourselves. The funny thing is that if there is a greater evil, it is and they come to access our data then we will have to pay a fine for the RGPD issue in my case. no aid, but fines yes.

    Thanks to this forum for being able to provide information to those affected like me.

  30. Victim of Eric Jones says:

    I have been receiving ‘his’ crap for over 3 years now, no matter what domain I register, the fuckhead finds them all. I am baffled nothing can be doen about this fool.

  31. Eric Cooper says:

    Just fill out their form and when they call tell them to f### off and spit on them, I have everyone in my company do it. They block your ip then use a vpn and they will block your ph number but then use a burner number. It doesn’t stop it but it is rather amusing to yell at him and the support person.

  32. Mike says:

    Every computer gets spammed daily or even hourly, by “Eric Jones”…
    Government won’t spend a dime to stop this company from unlawful activity because stopping them has no economic recovery value!

  33. DomainGang says:

    Mike – You can definitely file a complaint about this persistent parasite by contacting the abuse department of their domain registrar, Cloudflare:

    Email: registrar-abuse@cloudflare.com
    Phone: +1.4153197517

  34. martin says:

    I tried to report this guy to Google, he uses gmail accounts and changes them every week. There is nowhere to get gmail to find the guy and cut his b4!!s off. If anyone knows how to do this let me know.

    He needs a big cattle prod stuck right up his a55

  35. Danny says:

    so I assume click in the unsubscribe button does now work for this BS ?

  36. DomainGang says:

    Danny – Nothing works with these assholes. File a complaint by contacting Cloudflare: registrar-abuse@cloudflare.com

  37. I’m getting for quite a few years this form spam; always with a name eric jones and like pre-made stuff as a comment. The thing is i’m actively blocking IP adresses in firewall(s) and that seem to work till a certain point; then we get a “blank” post with nothing in there, something like this:

    IP adres

    It’s like it’s polling because my website is in some sort of a list shared somewhere. I have no idea really; all i see is direct access to for example a contact page, which is obvious a bot and pretty sophisitated to walk around my self-made antispam that stops these bots for 99%. I hope with some of my info people can get along; best is to note the IP adresses and file a complain. I hope there’s a hoster willing to give some information on who’s controlling that spam botnet, because it’s using obvious various, hacked hosts on the internet.

    If we could just take down that botnet; most of this would end. Tip for people being spammed: if you have a plain default html contact form, build a hidden field and once that hidden field get filled in, do not proces the form. Bots are too stupid to fill in those hidden fields.

  38. I’ve been getting multiple messages from “Eric” daily on my WP website. I’m using Gravity Forms and set it up to hide the submit button until an email address, phone number, and name other than the info he’s used before shows up. He still gets through. I’ve added reCAPTCHA and he’s still getting through. I turned on the Honey Pot trap (it seemed to trick some of our international clients, unfortunately) AND he still got through! This is nuts!

    He’s busting the limit on our Zaps. He’s costing us money every month!

    Has anyone managed to block him from a contact form?

  39. Laur says:

    I feel like I have found a support group! 🙂 This jackass has been spamming me for over two years and all the people I build websites for! I thought I had finally nailed it with Google recaptcha on my WP Forms but somehow the wad of shit has gotten through again as of today.
    I recently reported another spammer to the FEC but they do nothing – though it did freak the spammer out, haha.
    It’s so sad in the world of today that our governments are not doing anything to fight these spamming assholes because there will be people who get taken for a ride with them. I feel like I spend so much time trying to clear spam, avoid spam callers and texters, and now even with Block Sender I can only handle the ones that don’t come through my contact form.
    Just a lot of anxiety me and my business don’t need.
    If I ever came across the real Eric Jones, well… you don’t wanna know.

  40. Noah says:

    Yeah I agree, they should blocker blocker

  41. Thank You for this post. I just got a similar comment on my website from this malicious entity. Fortunately Trend Micro blocked the site before I connected to their server. Sad there is always going to be a malicious entity out there trying to take advantage of users.

  42. Bruce says:

    I had the same issues wirh these morons. I added a. Spam blocker on my forms so it’s stopped them quite a bit. I complained to cloud fare and they are useless. They wound rather fight you than help. Bunch of clowns.

  43. piero says:

    I had the same isues with this guy.

  44. David says:

    The guy “Eric Jones” is just using scraping software and macro for Contact 7 form fills executing with Scrapebox or a Python script. If you want to block him from spamming you via you WP Contact form all you need to do is turn recaptcha on your contact form page.

    reCAPTCHA protects you against spam and other types of automated abuse. With Contact Form 7’s reCAPTCHA integration module, you can block abusive form submissions by spam bots.

    Just Google “contact form 7 recaptcha” and you will have it up and running in minutes.

    This will make the bot they are using unable to send messages via your websites contact form.

    Hope this helps everybody having their in box being filled up with useless scam, spam garbage. ENJOY your new spam free world!

  45. John Doe says:

    Report it to Cloudflare here : https://www.cloudflare.com/abuse/form

  46. Joe Trusty says:

    This guy hits my sites every other day. Unsub link only confirms your email is live. This guy is a disease. Filed complaints with FTC and Cloudflare.

  47. Anon says:

    I don’t like this guy/person either but I treat it as free quality assurance. He wastes fractions of cents filling out recaptcha and I get notifications confirming the forms still work.

  48. Dan says:

    Recaptha annoyingly does not stop the notorious Eric Eric Jones

  49. Felix says:

    If want to block him spaming you using your contact form in WP do this:
    settings- discussions. Move to comment moderation and comment-blacklist. Enter his mail and phone number.
    Worked like a charm for me, Eric free since one month:-)

  50. Adam says:

    We gotta beat him with his own weapons. Take a close look to his Website. There is a simple contact form. Can’t just someone run a bot that is spamming them 24/7 with realistic looking informations?

  51. John Doe says:

    I have so many clients and myself who have had issues with this company and its various domains. Not only do their email on a daily/weekly basis, but they also bombard the forms with spam trying to sell their services. I tried blocking their IP address and email, but that didn’t last long.

    I was able to use the information provided above to track down a phone number for the parent company – 1 (800) 792-4060. Give them a call, request sales for a live agent, and ask to be removed from all email communications for all their domains. (If you request Support, you will give an automated message.) Good luck! #FreeFromEric

  52. jon w says:

    talkwithlead .com/contents/index.aspx

    Here are a few contact numbers which people can spam call them, if they wish.

  53. Russ says:

    So I guess reporting it to Cloudfare does nothing. This is ridiculous I can’t get them to stop emailing me.

  54. Buck says:

    cPanel users can create a mail filter to blackhole: these emails and you will never see them again. If “body” or “sender” includes the name Eric Jones the message will be discarded and not delivered. It has worked for a dozen websites I manage and administrate.

    I came here when a new client started complaining to me about these daily emails. I was surprised this Eric Jones alias was still in business and thought I’d share our results.

    As soon as I applied the email filter to the new client website we quit receiving the contact form messages from this moron.

  55. KT says:

    I found a way to block this fool. I use Gravity Forms on all my WordPress sites. Just filter out that email address with conditional statements. So far I’ve seen him/them use two separate Gmail addresses. I created a condition when met with either of these email addresses, that shuts down the form entirely and brings up a message “This website does not accept unsolicited offers. DO NOT attempt to email us again!” Works like a charm, haven’t seen one submission from this spammer since!

  56. Randy Petersen says:

    I’ll chip in if we can hire a private investigator to find his real identity and bring him to justice.

  57. Zyxian says:

    Thank you Buck. I created a filter on talkwithcustomer.com and tested. It never reached my inbox.

  58. Sam says:

    You can block these sort of things automatically just by adding checks to your forms, the latest form spam from these bozos was caught with the following:

    Speedy Bot (1.96 secs) + Duplicate + Spammy Content 30 matches, 4 banned domain/TLD + 4 Postal Links + 4 Links + List bot (63 items 5 words)

    Speed is easily checked (not WordPress, too laggy)
    duplicate means more than one textarea field they will put same in all
    links in wrong places is easy to check
    too many links, dito

  59. I would suggest you all take a couple of minutes from your day and file a complaint to Google, I have done this and if we all do the same Google will shut them down. This is not how Canadians act.

  60. eric jones says:

    Create a Rule in your email client:

    IF message is FROM and message content CONTAINS “click here” SEND IT DIRECTLY TO TRASH.

    This will keep you from ever seeing these scam messages, and will probably not filter out legitimate contacts (not many of us are trying to get emails from people with “CLICK HERE” In the body).

  61. Paul says:

    After getting this for the 5th time and clicking 3 times to “unsubscribe”, I used their “Request call back” and flooded it with ~20 messages asking to stop or I may as well return with a bot. Today, I received yet another spam from them, so I went to their site and took 2 minutes to write a script.
    I requested a call back for 500 different numbers. Let’s see if they plan on stopping.. Otherwise I will have to return with a randomized email and IP as well. Sometimes you need to steep to their level…

  62. Andrew says:

    As paul says, enter phone numbers into their automated call back system I have just entered 20 or so sex chat line numbers into it. The call back is automated and doesn’t hang up for 4 minutes. Just keep spamming their call back system.

  63. DomainGang says:

    Update: The spammers have a new, additional home at JumboLeadMagnet.com

    Read more at https://domaingang.com/featured/jumboleadmagnet-com-the-new-domain-of-arch-spammer-eric-jones/

  64. Mike says:

    For those of you who use JotForm, this is super helpful: https://www.jotform.com/answers/1033641-how-to-prevent-spam#:~:text=You%20can%20take%20a%20couple%20of%20security%20measures,the%20form%20to%20have%20a%20Unique%20Submission%20limits.

    I have a JotForm on my web site that these a-holes have been filling out with false/misleading info trying to get me to sign up for their services. Of course the “unsubscribe” did nothing to stop them.

  65. Rich P says:

    If you use WordPress and Contact Form 7, get an Akismet account and use the Akismet filter on the email id. Stops Eric Jones cold!

  66. It is pity to realize that MF terrorizing not only me by 3-7 times a day. What should a community do against him? How to punish that idiot ? How to stop him ?

  67. strafensmeier says:

    My fucking god, I am not alone! I have been spammed, at least, since 2015 through almost all of my websites (I own nearly 10). Every-fucking-day. Even many times per day. I like what Andrew proposed BTW hahaha!!! Strafensmeier

  68. Rifran says:

    Just a thought guys – I run 2 websites, one of which has ReCaptcha3 installed and the other doesn’t. The site without ReCaptcha collects up to 10 spam emails a day, most of them from our “friend” Eric. The site protected by ReCaptcha has been live for 9 months now and has yet to register a single spam email.

  69. J-Ph says:

    My contribution to this interesting thread. Of course the guy is smart (*) , since the “bot” is able to work around form field-content check and force message transmission. I have just tried to go recaptcha instead of captcha, to see what happens.
    As the amount of spam is quite modest, I have implemented a mailbox filter to trash automatically Eric’s garbage.

    (*) smart as regards spamming techniques. I don’t understand the interest of this. If it’s for advertising purpose, nobody is going to buy something from a pestering seller. It’s not a good way either to make friends or to socialize.

  70. beelzebomb says:

    My site too is daily getting spam from this utter cunt. I deleted my domain email and set up a new one with a coded basic captcha, which is an image of some numbers, then coded in php that the field will only submit if correct. Was spam free for about a week then started again – the captcha is being filled in correctly.

  71. DomainGang says:

    Update: The “Eric Jones” spammer has a new email, ericjonesmyemail@gmail.com

  72. James McCabe says:

    If it’s a wordpress site and you’re contact form 7 or elementor pro form plugin, do this: It’s all FfREE.
    1. Install Maspik plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-forms-anti-spam/).
    2. Sign up at https://www.abuseipdb.com/ and get an API key.
    3. Sign up at https://proxycheck.io/ and get an API key
    4. Install both API’s in Maspik (anti-spam) plugin.
    5. Configure for country block, and any form validations you want.

  73. Olivier says:

    In 2023 it’s still spamming..
    I made a module for PrestaShop is you need to stop Eric:

  74. Tina says:

    The ones I get every day are from ericjomesmyemail@gmail.com and for advanceleadgeneration.com.

    I wish there was a real way to forever shut this down.

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