Who is this bastard spammer “Eric” from talkwithwebvisitor.com? Wake up, #Cloudflare and #Dynadot

Phuck all spammers.

A guy named “Eric Jones” is spamming emails taken from the WHOIS of domains, and also online contact forms.

The domain used currently is talkwithwebvisitor.com that is registered with Dynadot and hiding behind the free reverse proxy services of Cloudflare.

A typical email from these assholes looks like this:

Hello, my name’s Eric and I just ran across your website at [].com…

I found it after a quick search, so your SEO’s working out…

Content looks pretty good…

One thing’s missing though…

A QUICK, EASY way to connect with you NOW.

Because studies show that a web lead like me will only hang out a few seconds – 7 out of 10 disappear almost instantly, Surf Surf Surf… then gone forever.”

Obviously, that alias “Eric Jones” is fake. So who is hiding behind this mass spam campaign pestering domainers and anyone with an email address?

These phucksticks currently forward talkwithwebvisitor.com, a domain registered last February, to talkwithlead.com.

These mofos use a domain registered in 2016, once again protected behind the DNS servers of Cloudflare and privacy WHOIS. Very convenient.

So digging a little deeper, it looks like talkwithlead.com is in fact operated by a Canadian web host provider, tradeworldcorporation.com. That domain has existed since 2003, so these jagoff spammers have been in the biz of spamming for 17 years at least.

Looking for “Trade World Corporation” we came across this web site that warns visitors to avoid these “Canadian cunts.”

trade world corporation is a SCAM!

trade world reviews:

These are other alias sites for these dirt bags:
AgentWebOnline (AgentWebOnline.com)
AppBuilderOnline (AppBuilderOnline.com)
RegisterRover (RegisterRover.com)

Do NOT sign up with these ASSHOLES!!!

1. It does NOT WORK
I actually LOST customers cause of this SHIT.

2. If you try to terminate the service … You CANNOT!
They will make you go to a special web page which requires a CODE
to terminate the service.
They WILL NOT Give you this code…..lol


3. They will SPAM you FOREVER.

4. You will have to get a NEW credit card to stop them from charging you every month.

5. They will keep SPAMMING you……….FOREVER

6. Do a search on talk with lead review. LOOK at all the RIPOFF REPORTS!


It seems that “Eric Jones” is a Canuck but a cuck as well.

Dynadot needs to shut down these phucksticks immediately, and so should Cloudflare.

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