Namecheapos: Onslaught of .bio domains spamming our mailboxes

An onslaught of fresh domain name registrations focusing on the .bio gTLD are using Namecheap as the registrar of choice. Currently offering $1.98 registrations of .bio domains, the low price is being abused at Namecheap by spammers that are promoting drones, sexual enhancements, portable wi-fi routers and “smarter backpacks” from dubious sources. Here are some […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. UDRP filing cost vs. lower asking price

When you offer for sale a domain that violates a registered trademark, the low asking price might not be a deterrent for the Complainant. In the case of, its registrant sought to get $1,450 dollars or a hundred bucks below the typical cost of a UDRP ($1,500 dollars or so.) The Complainant, Wolfspeed, Inc., […]

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Domain spammer claims ICANN gives out investor licenses

An ongoing spam campaign is using the domain name, alongside the alias “Hannah Benson.” The spammer targets domain registrants with “similar domains” to the ones being peddled. So far, nothing new about using a faux female name to sell domains, but what sets this spam aside is the included claim that they are an […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. The new domain of arch-spammer “Eric Jones”

Serial arch-spammer “Eric Jones“ is an invented name for a company that floods mailboxes and discussion threads with its unsolicited email. Hiding behind the duplicity of Cloudflare’s proxy DNS and registrar services, the “Eric Jones” company sends large amounts of spam across the internet. It’s 2022 and the phuckstick “Eric Jones” is using a new […]

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Indian businesses furious about domain spam!

Businesses in India’s Hyderabad district are complaining to the ministry of Corporate Affairs, over an influx of domain sourced spam. Hundreds of small business operators, ranging from mom and pop shops to large hardware stores are receiving a barrage of emails for unsolicited services. These emails begin the moment domain registrations are completed, according to […]

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Another batch of spamming #domains courtesy of #NameCheap and #Cloudflare

TGIF and welcome to another round of relentless spam, courtesy of NameCheap as the domain registrar, and Cloudflare as the DNS proxy provider. This duo really enhances serial spammers’ ability to hide and send out spam from cheap, disposable domain names. That’s what happens when you drop prices for domain registrations and when you offer […]

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Who is this bastard spammer “Eric” from Wake up, #Cloudflare and #Dynadot

A guy named “Eric Jones” is spamming emails taken from the WHOIS of domains, and also online contact forms. The domain used currently is that is registered with Dynadot and hiding behind the free reverse proxy services of Cloudflare. A typical email from these assholes looks like this: “Hello, my name’s Eric and I […]

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Dot .TOP #domains top #SpamHaus list of most abused #TLDs

SpamHaus, a global keeper of domain and IP violations, maintains a list of abusive behavior originating from a large variety of gTLDs and TLDs. How does SpamHaus measure that type of negative performance among domain extensions? The abusive behavior of domain TLDs is calculated as the ratio of abusive domains that exist in a given […]

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China’s #eName joins the spamming crowd of registrar “brokers”

China’s eName joins the crowd of registrar “brokers” that spam domain owners with unsolicited offers. If you thought that GoDaddy’s practice of using a team of brokers to reach out on behalf of their customers was frustrating enough, here come the Chinese. The practice is the same: both eName and GoDaddy, are registrars that email […]

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First #domain spammer of 2019 : interfacetraders dot .com

The owners of, a Pakistani spam factory domain using Western contact names, is the first domain spammer of 2019. Registered at GoDaddy, the mass email spammers’ domain is targeting email addresses via the WHOIS information. These annoying phucksticks often use outdated databases to peddle dubious quality services such as SEO and logo design. In […]

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Barrage of spam from dot .Date #domain names registered at #Namecheap

A barrage of spam has been arriving in the past few days, from dot .Date domain names. The emails contain the typical variety of spam, ranging from weight loss and hair restoration products, to learning how to fly planes. The dot .Date registry is dot Date Limited, which at this time is unavailable at the […]

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