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Another batch of spamming #domains courtesy of #NameCheap and #Cloudflare

TGIF and welcome to another round of relentless spam, courtesy of NameCheap as the domain registrar, and Cloudflare as the DNS proxy provider. This duo really enhances serial spammers’ ability to hide and send out spam from cheap, disposable domain names. That’s what happens when you drop prices for domain registrations and when you offer […]

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Garbage domain inquiries : The Chinese robo-spammer “vvdomain@126.com”

We’ve been covering the various types of domain-related spam, that affects many domain investors and started this series with the similar domain spam. Garbage domain inquiries can affect your daily productivity, by camouflaging as references to domains you own. Mike Berkens once said it’d take two hours to go through email spam from China, every […]

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