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Garbage domain inquiries : The Chinese robo-spammer “vvdomain@126.com”

No more spam from iWeb's PrivateDNS.com - The spammer has been kicked out.

Spammers need to be beat black and blue.

We’ve been covering the various types of domain-related spam, that affects many domain investors and started this series with the similar domain spam.

Garbage domain inquiries can affect your daily productivity, by camouflaging as references to domains you own.

Mike Berkens once said it’d take two hours to go through email spam from China, every day, and this is the type we’re covering today.

China’s domain market expansion during the past 18 months has created an arena for scammers from China attempting to get your domains on the cheap.

Those serial robo-spammers send out lowball offers to every permutation of LLLL .com domains, in hopes that they will land a purchase. Little do those phucksticks know that Westerners don’t perceive domains as cheap penny stock to fling around in worthless XYQJ combinations that have been losing value.

The emails are annoying, however, and here’s a sample of the Chinese robo-spammer communication:

[domain].com 500RMB or 100 USD

Hello, sincere purchase, I hope you can reply to me, if you think the price is appropriate or need to adjust, please contact me.thank you

Sincere purchase my ass!

One of those notorious spammers from China is using the email address vvdomain@126.com, which you should block at server level and get rid of his crap email as seen below:

Hello, sincere purchase, I hope you can reply to me,How much is the price of this domain name, please contact me.thank you

It seems that some good for nothing bozo with basic English language skills wrote a few variations of the text accompanying those spam emails, and throngs of Chinese domain investor wannabes started using it.

Tamade gan!

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3 Responses to “Garbage domain inquiries : The Chinese robo-spammer “vvdomain@126.com””
  1. Andrew says:

    This guy buys if you sell cheap. Sold him a few 6n.com
    He is a honest spammer :/

  2. DomainGang says:

    Andrew – There’s no such thing as an honest spammer.

  3. Mike says:

    I believe that 126.com uses a chrome extension to harvest emails and sell advertising to the chinese in a package, which then spams you for items you have searched for or sites you have visited.

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