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Garbage domain inquiries : The “similar domain” spam

Phuck all spammers.

Phuck all spammers.

Domain spammers are among the lowest scum of domainer earth.

They flood the mailboxes of domain investors with unsolicited email, sent from disposable addresses using fake names – sometimes female.

These scammers come in a variety of flavors, and we’ll be covering one of these today: The similar domain spam.

Disguised as an offer for a domain that you already own, this type of domain spam uses the following lingo:


According to my information you seem to hold ownership of a related domain name to [garbagedomain] dot com.

Maybe you would be interested in acquiring the [garbagedomain] dot com from me? 

Would appreciate if you would let me know. 

Thanks. Maurice.”

Who the hell is named “Maurice” these days? Apparently, this phuckstick spammer.

The sender of these emails is using Yahoo email, and speaks rather good English. Other than that, their garbage domain is expired, typically at GoDaddy.

It is not easy to filter out these types of emails due to the ever-changing email address, fake name and hiding of IP address. You can report them to Yahoo, however, or whichever free provider they are using.

The following week they will open a new account and send more garbage out.

Domain Garbage Nuisance Level: 9

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3 Responses to “Garbage domain inquiries : The “similar domain” spam”
  1. Kris says:

    These guys, and the chinese have really been spamming the 4L.com non chips lately, I am pretty sure all 4L are now in strong hands, or end user hands, and not to much inventory can be shook out from the paltry $100 they offer for vowels.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kris – Yes, this is yet another “flavor” of this fruit and I’ll get to them shortly.

  3. Amanda says:

    These are the worst e-mails to see in my inbox. I choose to believe in domain karma for the lot of them.

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