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Garbage domain inquiries : The Chinese robo-spammer “vvdomain@126.com”

We’ve been covering the various types of domain-related spam, that affects many domain investors and started this series with the similar domain spam. Garbage domain inquiries can affect your daily productivity, by camouflaging as references to domains you own. Mike Berkens once said it’d take two hours to go through email spam from China, every […]

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Garbage domain inquiries : The “similar domain” spam

Domain spammers are among the lowest scum of domainer earth. They flood the mailboxes of domain investors with unsolicited email, sent from disposable addresses using fake names – sometimes female. These scammers come in a variety of flavors, and we’ll be covering one of these today: The similar domain spam. Disguised as an offer for […]

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Garbage domains : Pseudo IDN domains lambasted at NamePros

NamePros member Wot is well-respected domainer, strategically investing in IDN domains. Stationed in Thailand, Wot has discovered and pointed out a large cache of pseudo-IDN domains, currently being offered on Sedo and other marketplaces. According to Wot: “They are shown as IDN but they are simply mixed script, English and other languages cobbled together, to […]

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