NamePros: Free domain name sale landers receive upgrades

NamePros rolled out its free domain name for-sale landers on April 1st and it was not a joke! The biggest domain forum on the internet implemented a great idea that any domain investor and member of NamePros should take advantage of. The landers are easy to set up via custom DNS records and allow even […]

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NamePros rolled out free “for sale” domain landers for its members!

Leading domain investors’ forum NamePros rolled out its free for-sale landers service to its members today, and it’s not an April Fools’ Day joke. πŸ™‚ NamePros members can now enjoy an automated service that creates for-sale landers for domain names, providing a contact form over SSL with a tracking process. There is no fee for […]

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Completed domain sales reports on NamePros has 5 million views!

One of the oldest continuously running threads on NamePros has surpassed 5 million views. The NamePros thread is titled “Report Completed Domain Name Sales Here” and it was created on April 19, 2005 by RJ (Ron James,) the founder and original owner of NamePros. The thread has some basic rules: Post the domain you sold […]

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London Domain Summit: Adam Dicker will be attending the summer event

Things are about to heat up in the domain industry, after the London Domain Summit founder announced that Canadian domainer, Adam Dicker, will be attending the August event. Helmuts Meskonis is hosting the domain-centric event in London on August 22-23 where “entry is free, food and drinks” as well. Hopefully, temperatures in the UK won’t […]

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NamePros game of balls might crash your obsolete computer!

If you’re using a Dell PC with a Pentium II CPU from 1997, you’d better plan an upgrade soon, dude. Visiting the popular domain community NamePros crashed some old computer systems when its admins rolled out a fun isometric “pong” game on April 1st. Instead of logging into one’s account users were “forced” to endure […]

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DNForum and NamePros on the alleged #Epik data breach

Users of domain forums, DNForum and NamePros are actively debating the alleged data breach at Epik, a much publicized incident involving Anonymous. Epik, operating from, is a domain registrar that is known outside of the domain investing community for “providing services to websites that host far-right, neo-Nazi, and other extremist content.” In recent days, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : “The sky’s the limit” with new Dick’s clothing brand

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced VRST, an “exclusive, new men’s apparel brand positioned to be a first of its kind.” According to the press release, the largest U.S.-based sporting goods retailer, announced the introduction of VRST, a men’s athletic apparel brand built for the modern active man who lives life on-the-go. The brand is pronounced “virst”β€”like […]

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Brent Oxley just released a ton of emails about his locked #domains

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Brent Oxley, just released a ton of emails related to his ongoing saga. Disputing that there was ever a contract with the Indian broker who has managed to lock down his domains at GoDaddy, Oxley shared dozens of emails, messages, and other information depicting the mental state of his former broker. […]

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Adam Dicker on #NamePros: “I made a mess and it’s time to clean it up”

Adam Dicker, Canadian domain investor and former owner of DNForum, returned after a long hiatus to NamePros, where the most lengthy exchange of the forum takes place. In a series of comments, Dicker acknowledged that he “made a mess and it’s time to clean it up.” In doing so, Adam Dicker promised to spend the […]

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“Abject stupidity:” James.Bond and 007.Bond for sale at #Sedo

IP attorney, John Berryhill, shared news of the domains 007.Bond and James.Bond up for sale on Sedo. The obvious trademark violations were advertised via a banner at NamePros, with links to the Sedo auction for James.Bond. Said John Berryhill in a post titled “Abject Stupidity:” So, some idiot paid $800 for this domain name, made […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. just sold for only $1,200 at #NamePros but it’s definitely a scam

The aged domain was listed for sale at NamePros, with a BIN of $1,200 dollars. Its seller, account “LookMan19,” listed the domain for sale for only 3 hours. Answering questions by NamePros members, he insisted the domain for sale is not an IDN, or anything other than Registered in 1995, appears not […]

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#Afternic and #GoDaddy : Easy to fake the #domain ownership without even Photoshop!

Domain verification is important when adding domain names to marketplaces like Afternic and GoDaddy. The currently used process is flawed and dangerous, however, as it relies on a verification method that is manual and easy to fake. To provide proof of ownership, the seller is asked by GoDaddy to send a screenshot of the registrar […]

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