NamePros game of balls might crash your obsolete computer!

If you’re using a Dell PC with a Pentium II CPU from 1997, you’d better plan an upgrade soon, dude.

Visiting the popular domain community NamePros crashed some old computer systems when its admins rolled out a fun isometric “pong” game on April 1st.

Instead of logging into one’s account users were “forced” to endure a few seconds of the game as an April Fool’s surprise. For those of us who use computer systems made in the 21st century the joke was more of an annoyance; those with outdated PCs had to endure a stuck browser, or even system reboots.

Some unhappy users took it to the forum, once they recovered from the joke that had eaten up their PC’s resources:

A game of balls on NamePros

A ball jumps, and someware freezes computers. Something wrong. I use securest of everything (operating system, browser), but unless I disable JS, some sites almost instantly attacks the computer and freezes it, only solution is to shutdown the computer by force.

Those who didn’t face any issues made tongue-in-cheek jokes:

Sounds like you’re using Windows 95

The ever-helpful support team of NamePros announced that the game was installed as an April 1st jab and that it’ll be removed tomorrow:

The bouncing ball is scheduled to be removed from the home page on Monday, but hopefully it doesn’t crash your browser if you don’t enter the game. If it does, please open a Tech Support ticket on NamePros. Updating your browser and operating system should help if either are outdated.

If you must play the game, click here, acknowledging that if your computer freezes or explodes with sulfurous white smoke you’re not holding NamePros liable.

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