Brent Oxley just released a ton of emails about his locked #domains

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Brent Oxley, just released a ton of emails related to his ongoing saga.

Disputing that there was ever a contract with the Indian broker who has managed to lock down his domains at GoDaddy, Oxley shared dozens of emails, messages, and other information depicting the mental state of his former broker.

In an ongoing discussion at NamePros, Brent Oxley stated:

These emails are proof that there are no contracts, Puneet was paid fair compensation on the very same names that are locked down, and that he is, in fact, the one that stole from me on multiple occasions. […]

I’m convinced that he’s either bipolar or has schizophrenia which is most likely why he was stalking Prime Minister Modi. (the president of India) One theory I have on his rapid decline is possible drug abuse due to the newfound money flow.

In subsequent parts of the exchange, Brent Oxley points out that he was defrauded of thousands of dollars in the sale of, along with more money charged to his credit card by the Indian self-styled broker, who had access to his GoDaddy account.

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