Aged domain has been acquired by Brent Oxley

The ultra-premium domain name,, has been acquired by domain investor Brent Oxley. Registered in 1995, has been through cycles of development and PPC parking in its long past. News of the sale of was relayed to us by expert broker Igor Furdyk. The acquisition completed a few days ago and it involved six […]

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Snap! Brent Oxley has acquired the domain

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Brent Oxley, has scored a major domain acquisition, that of The domain was acquired for six figures USD, according to associated domain broker, Igor Furdyk. was last registered in 2010, after it dropped twice. The domain existed as far back as in 2001, as the term “selfie” is a […]

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Domain investor, Brent Oxley, has been selectively acquiring ultra-premium domain names; the latest acquisition involves the domain name Registered in 1995, was acquired on behalf of Mr. Oxley with the help of established broker, Igor Furdyk. Mr. Furdyk let us know that was acquired by Brent Oxley for six figures USD. The […]

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Domain mega-investor, Brent Oxley, has scored several new acquisitions of ultra-premium domains. For starters, Oxley pinched the domain from the NameFind stash, the managers of the GoDaddy-owned portfolio of domains. was registered in 1999. Two additional domain names acquired by Brent Oxley in recent weeks are and, registered in 1999 and […]

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Domain rebranding: Valuetainment moves to

The short, two letter domain has changed hands in yet another case of domain rebranding. According to news shared on social media by the founder of Valuetainment, Patrick Bet-David, the company is excited to have acquired the domain Right now, forwards to The international company “is the leading source for information, […]

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The domain name has been sold, to the guy who already has one of the best domain portfolios: Brent Oxley. Registered in 1999, was listed for sale with a $60,000 dollar price tag in the past; however, this is not necessarily the sales price. Domain broker and Intis Telecom project manager, Igor Furdyk, […]

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Two letters: Brent Oxley grabbed

Texan millionaire investor, Brent Oxley, has the best job in the world: investing in ultra high quality domain names, paying top dollar and getting high rewards for his investments. Two years ago, Oxley acquired the superb two letter domain, with the “Rx” being a shorthand reference to medical prescriptions. The sale of was […]

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Telepathy wraps up sale of while Oxley gets

Two stellar domain investors wrapped up a domain sale, and an acquisition. Nat Cohen of Telepathy Inc. completed the sale of to an Australian restaurant chain with global reach. The deal was struck last year but completed in the past few days. was registered in 1999. Meanwhile, Brent Oxley continues to feed his […]

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Brent Oxley saga almost over as #domains moved to #Namecheap

Brent Oxley‘s saga is almost over; a cache of valuable domains totaling millions of dollars were kept locked at GoDaddy, without a court verdict supporting that decision. An Indian self-styled broker’s attempt to abuse the GoDaddy system of locking domains “under dispute” backfired this week, as GoDaddy announced changes to how it’ll be handling such […]

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Brent Oxley just released a ton of emails about his locked #domains

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Brent Oxley, just released a ton of emails related to his ongoing saga. Disputing that there was ever a contract with the Indian broker who has managed to lock down his domains at GoDaddy, Oxley shared dozens of emails, messages, and other information depicting the mental state of his former broker. […]

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Investor Brent Oxley sold the domain in September 2020, for a reputedly 7 figure, financed deal. There was no information about the buyer, their locale, or what they planned to do with The web site’s placeholder uses WIX to display basic content and a contact form. In recent weeks, has changed its […]

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Happy New Year of the Ox(ley) with some

Happy Chinese New (lunar) year! This is the year of the Ox, an animal that is perceived as a hard worker. Zodiac experts believe the Year of the Ox is a period when hard work will be rewarded even more than usual. The Ox also reminds us of Brent Oxley, whose name begins with “Ox.” […]

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