Media Options #domain brokerage : Andrew Rosener does it again!

Andrew Rosener, founder of Media Options, does it again. The hyperactive domain broker and self-proclaimed former fishmonger, topped the awards as best domain broker for 2018. The list was revealed by, providers of secure transactions for domain names, and more: The 2019 Master of Domains winners represent the 10 highest-grossing individual brokers of […]

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Aussie dollar for #domains : launches services in #Australia, a premium sponsor of DomainGang, announced its expansion in Australia and the use of the Australian dollar for payments. According to their latest press release, Payments Australia Pty Ltd – trading as – provides the escrow service in Australia. Here is the full press release:, the leading provider of secure online payments and […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. partners with #Efty, powers its #domain payment system has announced its API integration with the Efty domain selling platform. Escrow Pay is a secure, automated process created by, to provide third party services with a solid payment system. Note: is a premium DomainGang sponsor. What follows is a press release we received from Efty powers up domain payments potential […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. rolls out “Escrow Offer” service for #domain transactions, and more has announced the availability of Escrow Offer, a new automated service that domain sellers can use to establish negotiations. According to the announcement, Escrow Offer can be used for cars, boats, aircraft, domain names, jewellery, fine art and more through a Pay Now button. Says “Escrow Offer is the easiest way to introduce […]

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#Escrow Pay ™ : New, streamlined checkout #payment system for #domains and more, a premium sponsor of DomainGang, announced the introduction of Escrow Pay ™ – a streamlined checkout payment system for buying and selling cars, boats, airplanes, domains and anything of value. What exactly is Escrow Pay ™ ? Escrow Pay is the simplest way to add escrow payments to your website, mobile app, online store, […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Premium two letter #domain sold via

The ultra-premium, two letter domain has been sold, and the transaction took place via the Concierge service. Registered in 1990, was in the hands of Chinese domain investors for several years, and it was brokered for sale, according to this capture via DomainTools: The new owners are located in Hong Kong, and […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. #domain drama continues : Previous owner claims #domain was stolen

Rebecca J. Burns, previous owner of the domain and founder of ComQuest Designs, has come forward in social media, claiming that her domain was stolen. A few days ago, we were informed that was taken away from domain investor, James Booth, who said he paid $26,000 dollars to acquire it. The story so […]

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Barbie88 : Faux female attempted to scam #domain investors via the sale of

A fake female scammer using the NamePros moniker Barbie88, attempted to scam investors out of $85,000 dollars, by claiming they are selling The two letter domain is under WHOIS privacy, and definitely not in the scammer’s control. According to Richard Dynas, the person behind the account “Barbie88” is the same scammer that claimed to […]

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Richard Dynas : Best example of why #Escrow .com is a must for #domain transactions

Domain investor, Richard Dynas, shared his recent experience of how he was scammed out of $2,000 dollars in an attempt to acquire the domain, without using or a comparable service. A person calling herself “Barbara Untergasser” approached Dynas, offering to sell him the domain. Negotiations lasted about two weeks, during which, the scammer […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. : Last year’s milestones and preparation for #NamesCon 2018, a DomainGang sponsor, is laying out the milestones it achieved last year. In an email to members, mentions the following notable achievements in 2017: SAN FRANCISCO: January 2018 –, the world’s largest online escrow payments business powers into the new year after hitting a tremendous number of milestones in 2017. Global Support […]

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Highway encounter : Have you seen the #Escrow .com billboard in Silicon Valley? has rolled out a brand new billboard in Silicon Valley, California. The large, blue billboard can be viewed by millions of car drivers and passengers heading up US Route 101, and contains the following message: Selling cars, robots or Walhols? Integrate the API No chargebacks, ever. – Transact up to $10m+ $3,000,000,000+ […]

Copyright © 2019 · All Rights Reserved. releases payment gateway for #WooCommerce announced* the release of its payment gateway for WooCommerce, a popular plugin used by more than 2 million online stores worldwide. WooCommerce is the top e-commerce platform for WordPress, and the addition of an automated process can help increase sales in a dramatic fashion. With the new extension for WordPress, sellers will […]

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