Domain Investment Index Q1/2023 boasts 61.6% sales volume increase released its Domain Investment Index for Q1/2023, reporting a 61.6% increase in total domain name volume, growing from $80.3M in Q4/2022 to $129.8M in Q1/2023. A resurgence in domain names sales was seen in Q1/2023 as the total volume was at its highest since Q2/2022. Several mega domains, including, and, were […]

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The domain was registered in 2004 by Mr. Evan Wagner. According to records, the registrant is an independent contractor specializing in cable TV plant design. Mr. Wagner also worked at AT&T as CAD Operations Manager for its Broadband division, before moving to Comcast—quite an impressive resume. Techdd stood for “Technical Design & Drafting” […]

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Report: has best quarter since Q2/2022 today announced that overall volume is up 47% quarter-on-quarter, with domain names being a driving force to the growth over the past quarter. In Q1 2023, Escrow saw a resurgence in large value transactions ($1m+) with Q1 23 domain name volume returning to levels previously seen in Q1 2022. Escrow attributes the volume growth […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Domain Name Investment Index for Q4/2022 was released today released its Domain Name Investment Index for Q4/2022. Here is the press release that we received: Year-on-year, Escrow has seen a 49.26% decrease in the total value of domain name transactions from $158M in 4Q21 to $80M in 4Q22. Over 75% of the fall in 4Q22 is attributable to the decrease in the […]

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Escrow veteran Jackson Elsegood moved to Stripe

After 7 years as the general manager at, Jackson Elsegood left the company last October. During his seven year tenure at,  Jackson Elsegood managed the online escrow capability, working with both digital and physical marketplaces to design and build payment products that kept buyers and sellers safe in high-value, low-trust transactions. So where […]

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Domain hack sold for $100,000 dollars via

The short Finnish domain,, sold for a reported $100,000 dollars, according to NameBio’s confirmation. The sale took place using; the “domain hack” represents the term “DeFi” or decentralized finance, a term that involves transactions using the blockchain. is the seller of, for which he spent just 9 euro to acquire at […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Top 10 most prolific domain name brokers for 2021 has announced its report of the Top 10 Grossing Domain Name Brokers for sales they completed in 2021. The annual Master of Domains awards celebrates and recognizes the leaders in the domain name industry. The list is below: Andrew Rosener – Founder & CEO of DomainX, LLC Todd Reum – CEO of Cameron […]

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The domain name was just announced as sold via NameBio. Domain broker, Puneet Agarwal, provided information and proof showing that was sold for the sum of $1,160,235 dollars in April of 2022. The transaction utilized the services of to complete and according to NameBio, confirmed the sale. According to NameBio, the […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Q3/2022 Domain Investment Index Report released its Domain Investment Index Report for Q3/2022 today. Domain name sales saw a 28% decrease in total transactions in Q3/2022, dropping from $105 million in Q3/2021 to $75 million. However, domain name sales have increased by 8%, from $449 million in 2021 to $489 million in 2022, trailing twelve months up to September […]

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Domain report: completes $519 million dollars in sales (June 2021 – June 2022), the world’s largest online escrow company, reports domain name sales volume passed $256m in the first half of 2022, up 81% in two years. As shown in the Escrow Q2 2022 Domain Investment Index, the company facilitated $125m in domain name transactions between April through June. In the trailing twelve months to the end […]

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(Oy) Three letter .com #domain drops, gets auctioned

Seeing a 25 year old LLL .com drop can be painful; in the case of, this 1997 domain registration inexplicably expired and was deleted. DropCatch “to the rescue” as the youngest three letter .com in the known cosmos is now in auction. will tumble through the bids of numerous potential suitors, until a […]

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Since 1998, the domain name was used by the Messelaar Bulb Company in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The specialty flower grower of the “finest quality topsize flower bulbs, imported from Holland” was founded in 1969 and operated its business from a great domain name for 20 years—until one day the domain was stolen. In the words […]

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