Global Digital Summit 2023: Tech-centric event takes place in Wuxi, China

Chinese domain investors, rejoice: Global Digital Summit (GDS) is a multi-discipline, international conference taking place in Wuxi, China. The event takes place from June 14-16, 2023 and includes the following focus segments: Domain Names Cloud Computing Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence Anticipated attendance exceeds 2,000 people, more than this year’s NamesCon. With 30 “keynote speeches” the event’s […]

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Google generics: Anguilla no longer linked to .ai domains

Google has added dot .ai, the ccTLD of Anguilla, to its growing list of “generic” TLDs, an indication that there are not many domains representing the small island. Dot .ai domains are being used as a reference to “artificial intelligence” or AI, technology, crypto, and other uses that are not linked to Anguilla. As such, […]

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Adobe Photoshop “generative fill” leads to immediate domain registration

Generative art is created using computer algorithms, with the artist or designer setting the rules or parameters that dictate the behavior of the algorithm. With the use of modern technology, computer-generated art closely follows instructions (“prompts”) and outputs visual structures following very close the artist’s imagination. Today, Adobe rolled out the latest beta of its […]

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SquadHelp AI becomes self-aware, launches new brandable domain marketplace

Darpan Munjal, CEO and founder of SquadHelp, rolled out the platform’s first AI-driven domain description creator mere months ago. The successful integration of ChatGPT with the custom-coded domain portfolio manager went through several versions, breaking out of beta on May 1st. Twenty days later, something spectacular happened. “At 11:32am this morning, SquaddlyAid was born. It […]

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OpenAI is sending “Cease & Desist” letters to providers of #ChatGPT services

It was long expected; OpenAI, operators of the ground-breaking AI platform ChatGPT, is sending Cease & Desist letters to operators of services using domains with the “GPT” acronym. As reported by the owner of, a company called Brandshield sent the email that reads as follows: OpenAl brand guideline outreach – openai <> to […]

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SquadHelp training several AI buyer personas

SquadHelp is thinking outside the box, with fresh ideas expanding its domain marketplace. After introducing AI-written summaries for domains parked with the platform, SquadHelp is now eager to roll out yet another AI-driven feature. According to a fresh tweet from CEO Darpan Munjal, SquadHelp is training multiple AI agents to help evaluate domains, using several […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Domain paid off its $40k acquisition cost in 1 month

The domain name was acquired in March for $40,000 dollars, according to NameBio. Since then, its developer has used the domain name to roll out an AI-driven photography web site, offering services to subscribers that generate synthetic portraits. Using the provocative motto, “fire your photographer,” is being used by 1,849 active subscribers currently, […]

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GoDaddy shares group of 35 business-related AI prompts

GoDaddy created a group of business-related AI prompts, totaling 35 at this time, that can be used with tools such as ChatGPT and Bard. The collection of prompts are touted as a “Small Business Generative AI Prompt Library” and can be found via the domain name It’s great they didn’t go for the domain […]

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Billion dollar rolls out AI chip division on domain bought from investor

Nasdaq-listed Synopsys, Inc. launched today, a suite of AI-driven solutions for the design, verification, testing and manufacturing of the most advanced digital and analog chips. According to the announcement by Synopsys, using these AI-driven tools, engineers can now use AI at every stage of chip design, from system architecture to design and manufacturing, and […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. Amazon hints of cloud based AI for retired web site was acquired by Amazon many years ago; the web ranking tool provided metrics about active web sites and their traffic. The web site shared visualized data obtained from millions of installations of the free Alexa browser plugin; while not everyone in the world was using it, the Alexa ranking was a globally-acceptable metric to […]

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AI-driven: WTF Does This Company Do?

AI-driven content will dominate every industry in the years to come. With ChatGPT only the beginning, artificial intelligence as the brains of content generation will lay down new pathways to creativity. A fine example is a project called “WTF Does This Company Do” created by Indian programmer, Krish, as an intelligent summarizer of the context […]

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Better drop your #ChatGPT domains; it’s a trademark

Domain investors eager to capitalize on the popularity of ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot by OpenAI, take notice: you might be infringing on the company’s trademark. Just two months after rolling out a public beta of ChatGPT, the service surpassed 100 million users, faster than any other service in recent memory. That makes ChatGPT a valuable […]

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