Suno AI: Out of stealth, music startup acquires the domain

Suno, a startup supported by venture capital, emerged from its stealth phase last December, with the mission to simplify songwriting and composition. Microsoft disclosed its collaboration with Suno by incorporating it into its AI software platform, Copilot. Unlike many other AI music applications, Suno, pronounced as “soon-oh” and translating to “listen” in Hindi, prioritizes crafting […]

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GoDaddy: Adapt your business to GenAI or die

GoDaddy is adamant that small business owners should be using Generative AI (GenAI) by now, or risk perishing in the flames of uncertainty. “We are at the very beginning of the AI revolution […] small businesses are already taking advantage of the technology,” said Amy Jennette, senior director of marketing at GoDaddy, adding: “Small businesses […]

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According to recent WHOIS changes, the premium .AI domain name has been sold. The transaction took place with the help of and its Domain Concierge product, allowing for a secure transaction that can also be completed over a period of up to five years. currently resolves to a lander on, where […]

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Upcoming Sedo auction: Submit your .AI domains for maximum exposure!

It’s all about AI (Artificial Intelligence) these days and Sedo has scheduled a dot .AI auction for those of you who want to submit their Anguilla domain names for maximum exposure! The Sedo .AI auction runs between March 21st to March 28th, 2024, so better send in your domains as soon as possible to be […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Telepathy’s most valuable domain for the Spanish market

Telepathy, operating from the premium domain, controls an ultra-premium portfolio of domain names. Nat Cohen‘s vision extends beyond the English language, however; he’s known to have invested in domains in other languages, such as Hebrew, Hindi, and Spanish. Indeed, Telepathy owns what we consider to be the most valuable domain for the Spanish-speaking market. […]

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Domain investor’s life ruined by lack of .ai sales

Domains that end in dot .ai form 95% of all domain sales in recent months, bringing the revenue of Anguilla, a British territory in the Caribbean, to $7.9 billion dollars so far this year. Millions of .ai registrations at an average price of $80 dollars a pop mean one thing: If you don’t sell .ai […]

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Circle to search: Google rolls out AI-driven search tech on mobile phones

Google unveiled new methods of haptic search on mobile phones and it’s rolling out the feature on its Android OS: Today we unveiled Circle to Search, a new way to search anything on your Android phone screen without switching apps. With a simple gesture, you can select images, text or videos in whatever way comes […]

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Here’s what not to do with your .AI domain names

If you own .AI domains, congratulations. The fastest-growing ccTLD with generic qualities per Google, is a magnet for domain investors and companies alike. Some companies will thumb their noses at the matching .com, opting for the .ai domain even when the .com is made available! That being said, there are a few things that you […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Musk’s Grok AI bot stirs new registration craze among domain investors!

It’s a great day for the registrant of the aged domain, as Elon Musk’s new AI chatbot is called Grok. Grok is a neologism that indicates understanding someone with empathy; the word was coined in the 1960 by fiction writer Robert Heinlein. Elon Musk’s choice of a keyword indicates that its AI bot will […]

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Global Digital Summit 2023: Tech-centric event takes place in Wuxi, China

Chinese domain investors, rejoice: Global Digital Summit (GDS) is a multi-discipline, international conference taking place in Wuxi, China. The event takes place from June 14-16, 2023 and includes the following focus segments: Domain Names Cloud Computing Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence Anticipated attendance exceeds 2,000 people, more than this year’s NamesCon. With 30 “keynote speeches” the event’s […]

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Google generics: Anguilla no longer linked to .ai domains

Google has added dot .ai, the ccTLD of Anguilla, to its growing list of “generic” TLDs, an indication that there are not many domains representing the small island. Dot .ai domains are being used as a reference to “artificial intelligence” or AI, technology, crypto, and other uses that are not linked to Anguilla. As such, […]

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Adobe Photoshop “generative fill” leads to immediate domain registration

Generative art is created using computer algorithms, with the artist or designer setting the rules or parameters that dictate the behavior of the algorithm. With the use of modern technology, computer-generated art closely follows instructions (“prompts”) and outputs visual structures following very close the artist’s imagination. Today, Adobe rolled out the latest beta of its […]

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