GoDaddy: Adapt your business to GenAI or die

GoDaddy is adamant that small business owners should be using Generative AI (GenAI) by now, or risk perishing in the flames of uncertainty.

“We are at the very beginning of the AI revolution […] small businesses are already taking advantage of the technology,” said Amy Jennette, senior director of marketing at GoDaddy, adding: “Small businesses usually lag big business in getting the most out of cutting-edge tech, but with easy to use GenAI […] the playing field is finally leveling out.”

The company launched GoDaddy Airo, an AI-driven platform to create both the brand and the content for small businesses. But is this automatic generation of brands the ultimate solution?

We believe that the industry is controlled by a certain amount of FUD that attempts to encompass everything with the AI reference to make things sound up to date and tech-savvy. In fact, many operations require manual control of the process and will continue to do so.

Back to the GoDaddy research data: 78% of small businesses that utilize AI remain “satisfied” by the end results. This is like saying that people who drink coffee daily like it, for the most part.

Indeed, apprehension runs high among small biz owners: 90% believe that they can do a better job than AI. So what is the reason GoDaddy wants to change that sentiment?

In a nutshell: GoDaddy wants you to use Airo so check it out and let us know if it can do a consistently better job at branding, marketing, and content creation than seasoned professionals in the field.

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