Suno AI: Out of stealth, music startup acquires the domain

Suno, a startup supported by venture capital, emerged from its stealth phase last December, with the mission to simplify songwriting and composition.

Microsoft disclosed its collaboration with Suno by incorporating it into its AI software platform, Copilot.

Unlike many other AI music applications, Suno, pronounced as “soon-oh” and translating to “listen” in Hindi, prioritizes crafting authentic melodies with unique vocals, instead of replicating or imitating the styles of well-known artists.

Suno upgraded to from

The company launched on the domain but soon moved to the ultimate domain name,

Registered in 2001, the domain appears to have been acquired in February 2024 from its Korean registrant. There is no information about the cost to acquire the .com domain name and most articles in the press link to still. The company’s Twitter account displays, however.

Suno rolled out version 3.0 of its AI-driven platform that can create full songs, with lyrics based on a description, or accept your own lyrics; the song can be created using a huge variety of music styles.

Want to find out what type of masterpieces can be created with Suno? 🙂

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