Killer domain brokers & the best way to acquire domains

Domain names held “for profit” or used by businesses or individuals can be bought by other parties, when the price is “right.”

Consider this scenario: A start-up forms and becomes successful quickly; their brand is taken by another party, years, perhaps decades ago. The ideal domain name is the exact match .com and acquiring it can be complex.

Here are some reasons a domain acquisition appears to be unattainable:

  • The domain is not resolving to a landing page
  • It does resolve but there is no contact information on it
  • The domain name is in use by an individual or a company
  • The domain’s WHOIS data is behind privacy
  • The information is available but the owner is not responsive
  • The owner is responsive but dismissive of the idea to sell the domain

It’s tempting to establish contact and negotiate directly on a domain that may or may not provide contact information but the specific angle and technique is what can make or break a deal.

Frustrated, company principals are often eager to hire “killer domain brokers” who will make the deal happen. Is this the best way to acquire domain names?

A killer domain broker indicates some type of aggressive individual with experience in the field. Closing “killer deals” is synonymous to success, the way lawyers, CEO’s, financial brokers, and realtors can often be referred to.

The best way to acquire a domain name is to proceed with caution, define carefully planned steps, and with secrecy. An experienced domain broker will never waltz through the process with loudness, exuberance and unlimited promises, and definitely never with a “killer shark” attitude.

Slowly acquiring information about the domain, its owner, the circumstances of its acquisition and use, along with the psychology of its registrant are all important elements of securing the deal.

Getting the right domain broker to do the job of a domain acquisition is 50% of the work. The rest is a game of numbers and specific moves that your chosen domain broker will advise you on.

For the task, we recommend Bill Sweetman of The “kill” arrives only after the deal closes. Quietly.

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