Official update on the SnapNames auction refunds

SnapNames was on the receiving end of auction winner backlash, after it reversed the outcome of more than a dozen domain auctions and issued refunds. After communicating the issue with the SnapNames support team, its team lead supervisor got in touch with an explanation of what took place. We now have the official response that […]

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GoDaddy + Namefind domain auctions: Wow or meh?

GoDaddy executives found a new, creative way to add more revenue to the year’s books, by rolling out a series of weekly domain auctions. Pulled from the million-plus strong domain portfolio of Namefind, the repository of GoDaddy-owned domains, these auctions are taking place on GoDaddy (beta) Auctions. A few dozen domains each week add up, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Dropped domain sold for $41k—Is the sale legit?

Expansión, a Spanish-language news magazine catering to the business markets in Mexico and Latin America, made its debut in 1969. What sets Expansión apart from most other business media outlets in Mexico is its unique focus on the individuals and innovative ideas that power the private sector within Mexico. Taking a step forward in 2007, […]

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A great domain name such as expired and dropped in recent weeks. The ensuing auction took place at DropCatch that caught the domain. Several bidders participated and after three days the auction closed at $18,722 dollars. The winner’s auction, Doron Vermaat, is the co-founder of Spending a small chunk on a quality, descriptive, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. No reserve price lands domain in James Booth’s lap!

Listing your premium domains without reserve can be a very dangerous decision. Unless the auction is widely advertised and accessible, the lack of a carefully-chosen reserve price can lead to a surprisingly low auction result. The Sav auction for the domain name closed at a shocking $227 dollars as no reserve was set. A […]

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Submit your “Green domains” to a new auction at Sedo!

Sustaining the environment’s quality is important to every living creature on earth. Sedo is rolling out a “Green Domains Auction” as part of its themed domain auctions, putting domains with an environmental subject in focus. The week-long auction takes place from March 16th to March 23rd, 2023. If you have domains that fit the following […]

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Seven with Sedo: Live GreatDomains auction including

GreatDomains is a bi-monthly auction by Sedo, our kind sponsors. Featuring a hand-curated selection of premium domains, this month’s auction is currently ongoing. There are more than 130 domains listed in the Sedo GreatDomains auction that features generic keywords and short domains. The auction takes place from October 20th – October 27th, 2022. We selected […]

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Why is Twitter blocking #DropCatch listed URLs?

Twitter has no love for DropCatch, apparently. Any domain name listed in auction at DropCatch, cannot be shared by punching in its live auction URL. The issue appears to have been ongoing for a while, and it’s definitely frustrating if one wants to share a direct URL to an auction on DropCatch. For example, when […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Auction winner looking to double his investment

The auction for the domain ended yesterday at $4,594 dollars on the DropCatch platform. A day later, the happy registrant has listed the domain on Afternic, seeking to almost double his money: the asking price is $7,999 dollars. This valuable domain was once in the possession of domain investor, Adam Strong, but we are […]

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NameJet to enforce opt out of the 60-day transfer lockdown policy

ICANN has been making the lives of domainers miserable; NameJet, the premium domain auction marketplace, relies on prompt domain transfers to facilitate sales. As a result, private listings of domains that are not expired, now have to accept a new set of terms and conditions at NameJet. In particular, private sellers now have to agree […]

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The domain journey : Who’s winning?

A fun story to start your Monday with., a “Chinese premium” four letter  .com domain, has been on the auction chopping block for a while now. As eagle-eyed reader Dale points out, was purchased, through a third party, for the price of $2,500 dollars a year ago. The third party broker was paid […]

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False Alarm: CAX auction domains were not stolen, after all

A domain seller on on a long vacation caused Francois Carrillo to tag the domains as stolen and removed them from the auctions. It seems that while there were elements of serious suspicion, they could all be explained – had the seller been reachable. Francois sent out this email earlier – which we provide […]

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