Dropped domain sold for $41k—Is the sale legit?

Expansión, a Spanish-language news magazine catering to the business markets in Mexico and Latin America, made its debut in 1969. What sets Expansión apart from most other business media outlets in Mexico is its unique focus on the individuals and innovative ideas that power the private sector within Mexico.

Taking a step forward in 2007, Expansión joined forces with CNN to introduce a specialized website dedicated to business, economic, and financial matters in Mexico and Latin America. Originally named, this online platform was inspired by, tailored specifically for the Latin American audience.

The domain name was registered in 2006 and was renewed for several years before dropping a few days ago. It was promptly picked up by DropCatch and was sold following a 3 day auction.

The closing price for was $41,001 dollars, with DropCatch account “tantan1” as the winner. The bids jumped from $2,000 dollars to its closing price during the final hours of the auction. in auction

Was the bidding legitimate?

Occasionally, we have witnessed several auctions at DropCatch getting repeated, after the auction winner fails to submit payment. This is because pre-validation of a bidder does not take place.

Who would pay $41,001 dollars for a domain that contains the famous CNN mark is beyond our understanding; let’s see if this auction gets paid.

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3 Responses to “ Dropped domain sold for $41k—Is the sale legit?”
  1. Tribe Magnet says:

    Quite possibly. Aside from making up something original, there are tons of other TV shows from Canada to Cuba, and acronyms for many physical locations, tech concepts, and health terms. A few examples:

    -Convolutional Neural Network (machine learning) <–If I was forced to make a bet
    -Cellular Neural Network (parallel computing paradigm)
    -Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    -Certified Nephrology Nurse
    -Canonbury railway station (National Rail station code)
    -Kannur International Airport (IATA code)

    Best wishes to all involved!

  2. DomainGang says:

    TB – Good luck using that type of “alternate acronym” approach when the UDRP arrives.

  3. 100% infringement and comes with a free UDRP if the deal even closes.

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