TalentManager.com acquired via auction by Efty founder

A great domain name such as TalentManager.com expired and dropped in recent weeks. The ensuing auction took place at DropCatch that caught the domain.

Several bidders participated and after three days the auction closed at $18,722 dollars. The winner’s auction, Doron Vermaat, is the co-founder of Efty.com.

Spending a small chunk on a quality, descriptive, two-word .com domain is a smart move. Registered in 1999 originally, the domain returns a sizable 14 million results in Google for the “talent manager” keyword pair.

TalentManager.com was used by an Italian company in the past and it was registered with an Italian, ICANN-accredited registrar. It is not clear why they allowed this premium domain name to lapse. Their Twitter account @TalentManager hasn’t been used since 2018.

Congratulations to Doron for this acquisition, arriving on the heels of Evita.com.

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