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Video: The DAN.com ecosystem plans to unite and propel the #domain industry

DAN.com CEO, Reza Sardeha, hosted a fun panel of domain entrepreneurs during NamesCon Online 2021.

The guests were prominent domain investors and brokers: Doron Vermaat of Efty, Josh Reason of DNWE, and Drew Rosener of Media Options.

Note: DAN.com is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.

These professionals are teaming up with DAN.com to create a new domain ecosystem that will benefit all domain investors.

Instead of segmenting available domain inventory across unconnected platforms, the DAN plan is to unify all inventory and make it accessible to all storefronts where developers, media, and businesses go to buy domains.

Reza Sardeha reminded everyone that DAN 2.0โ€”a term he dislikes usingโ€”is arriving next month.

Note: This video was removed per the request of the NamesCon Online organizers.

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