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DomainConsultant.com : Auction winner looking to double his investment

The auction for the domain DomainConsultant.com ended yesterday at $4,594 dollars on the DropCatch platform. A day later, the happy registrant has listed the domain on Afternic, seeking to almost double his money: the asking price is $7,999 dollars. This valuable domain was once in the possession of domain investor, Adam Strong, but we are […]

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Nasim Jahibid : #Iranian investor wants to grab the DomainConsultant.com #domain for six figures

Nasim Jahibid, the owner of the “njhighbid” alias on NameJet, is getting ready to grab DomainConsultant.com – for six figures at a minimum. The Iranian domain investor only bids when domain auctions hit six figures, and delivers the payment in a suitcase that can hold a million dollars. Why would Nasim Jahibid grab DomainConsultant.com at […]

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Want to be a “domain consultant?” Get the matching .com!

Domainers, domain investors, and even domain flippers want to become “domain consultants.” What is the difference? A domain consultant has a prestigious sound to it: you are a domain industry professional, yet an independent contractor, catering to businesses, and providing valuable branding and domain acqusition services. So now here’s your chance to be the ultimate […]

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