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Nasim Jahibid : #Iranian investor wants to grab the DomainConsultant.com #domain for six figures

Nasim Jahibid, the owner of the “njhighbid” alias on NameJet, is getting ready to grab DomainConsultant.com – for six figures at a minimum. The Iranian domain investor only bids when domain auctions hit six figures, and delivers the payment in a suitcase that can hold a million dollars. Why would Nasim Jahibid grab DomainConsultant.com at […]

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AhmetHashish Rahajani : And how my cousin gots .NYC domains free

Hi and did you miss me, good domainers, salaam to you, it is I, AhmetHashish Rahajani from Persia city. Early, I showed investor how beat China mans on NameJet. Demonstrate importance family for domain support, and win. And now, big story. I live Iran, ancient empire. But peoples America no trust. Why, I ask. My […]

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Nuclear-capable Iran creates Iranet to counter the Internet

Iran is about to launch its own version of the Internet, an intranet that will be called ‘Iranet‘. Confused yet? This is not exactly news, as Iran is known for its acts of isolating its citizens from the outside world, restricting Internet access etc. “God-willing, Iranet will prevail against the infidels of America,” said Ali […]

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