AhmetHashish Rahajani : And how my cousin gots .NYC domains free

Hi and did you miss me, good domainers, salaam to you, it is I, AhmetHashish Rahajani from Persia city.

Early, I showed investor how beat China mans on NameJet. Demonstrate importance family for domain support, and win.

And now, big story.

I live Iran, ancient empire. But peoples America no trust.

Why, I ask.

My cousin Aryobarzan he live in New York, work for pastrami factory. Is good job.

He adopted by rich Italian family in Bronx, name Cannoli.

As invest, I love America. Opportunities for everyone success. All man and womens equal, no color or religion problem.




So to register .NYC domain, I call Aryobarzan and asked, ready for investment domain?

He said, what is domain. Only know different cut of pastrami, thick or thin, but all halal.

Very taste.

I tell my cousin, listen Aryobarzan, I tell you which domain I want, put it your WHOIS name, “Aryobarzan Cannoli.” Address for pastrami shop, second floor where sleep you.

So no problems when peoples ask, aha! AhmetHashish Rahajani you no live in New York!

Very clever, no? 😀

Anyways. Aryobarzan agrees and now can register Teheran.NYC and Persia.NYC and others. Rich become for both my and Aryobarzan !

And now you know. Call friend or relative New York and do same. If ready, bid Neustar .NYC auction, for best domain.


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