vs. Lamborghini lawsuit back at square one

The lawsuit that the registrant of the domain filed against Italian automakers Lamborghini, is back at square one.

Quick recap: Lamborghini filed and won the UDRP for the domain name The registrant of, Richard Blair, filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse that decision and declare himself the lawful owner of the domain, plus recover damages.

Lamborghini is involved in a lawsuit over the domain

Attorney John Berryhill, who is not a party involved in this lawsuit, has been providing updates and analysis on the case. The latest news can be summarized as follows:

The US District Court for the District of Arizona has denied Lamborghini’s motion to dismiss the post-UDRP suit, and has further dismissed the domain registrant’s motion for sanctions.

Said John Berryhill on the case:

“For those who watch legal dramas on television and are used to these things wrapping up in 50 minutes with time for some commercials, it is also worth observing that this case was filed in August 2022 and is approaching its first anniversary. What has been accomplished thus far is essentially nothing. Lamborghini tried to have the case dismissed, and was unsuccessful. Blair attempted to have Lamborghini sanctioned, and was unsuccessful.”

In other words, the lawsuit and related costs of using the legal system and legal representation continues for both parties. Meanwhile, the asking price for the domain name has increased to $75 million dollars, up from $50 million.

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