Xess.com: Aged LLLL .com domain was sold using Escrow.com

The aged domain Xess.com was used for many years by XESS Corporation. The company has closed down and the domain has now been sold using the services of Escrow.com.

So what is the story behind Xess.com?

Computer engineer, David Vandenbout, formed XESS in 1994 and registered the domain name Xess.com a while later, in the summer of 1995. The company provided FPGA circuits (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) and other electronic circuits to its customers.

The sale of Xess.com utilized Escrow.com and its Domain Concierge service. It is pending release, currently, to the new owner.

It is quite possible that the domain was acquired, stealthy or directly, by Intel, creators of Xe Super Sampling (XeSS).

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