Want to be a “domain consultant?” Get the matching .com!

Domainers, domain investors, and even domain flippers want to become “domain consultants.”

What is the difference?

A domain consultant has a prestigious sound to it: you are a domain industry professional, yet an independent contractor, catering to businesses, and providing valuable branding and domain acqusition services.

So now here’s your chance to be the ultimate domain consultant, by acquiring the domain name DomainConsultant.com.

DomainConsultant.com is up in auction! Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Listed in a DropCatch auction with 2 days to go, the domain is currently at $1,551 dollars. Surely, it’s worth five figures to the right buyer!

When did DomainConsultant.com drop, you might ask.

Yesterday, after someone at Moniker dropped the domain renewal ball, sending this 2002 registration to the drop bin.

In 2009, the domain was registered to domain investor, Adam Strong, as far as we can tell.

He seems to have acquired DomainConsultant.com from BuyDomains, after its original 1999 registrant – Sam Schneidman – dropped it in 2002. No sale has been recorded by NameBio.

But now, there will be one! 😀

Update 6/25/2020: The auction ended at $4,594 dollars.

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