False Alarm: CAX auction domains were not stolen, after all

False Alarm: The domains are not stolen.

A domain seller on CAX.com on a long vacation caused Francois Carrillo to tag the domains as stolen and removed them from the auctions.

It seems that while there were elements of serious suspicion, they could all be explained – had the seller been reachable.

Francois sent out this email earlier – which we provide unedited:

I have good news!

You bid last week an auction we cancelled because there were suspiccions of fraud due the high quality, volume and low price of the names the seller submitted.
The fact he did not respond to our emails and he use an offshore company lead me to cancel his auctions and close his account to prevent any possible damages sales of stolen names may generate.
I am sorry but I felt it was the thing to do as I cannot play with safety!

This morning the seller contacted us, he was in a long week-end and could not be joined.
I asked him to fax m his ID, bill, the proof is the owner of the company who own these names, and he did just few minutes after.
So there is no longer any reason to doubt this memnber is the real owner and there is NO scam here!

For this reason his account has been created again and his names should be available very soon for sale at CAX.com.

This story pushed me to improve safety, I plan to make a post in DomainWare.com in the next days where everyone could suggest ideas and measure to maximize safety in our marketplaces.

I am sorry for the hassles,

Francois Carrillo
Domaining.com / CAX.com

Therefore, the previously considered as stolen domains are now cleared for the CAX.com auctions:

– GirlsToys.com
– Co7.com
– BusinessShop.com
– SweetKisses.com
– Summoning.com
– LiveAmateurs.com
– Mph.com
– HostingSpace.com
– EcommerceHost.com
– BusinessServer.com
– Ex7.com

Francois must be congratulated for the measures he took pro-actively to ensure noone gets defrauded.

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