Why is Twitter blocking #DropCatch listed URLs?

Twitter has no love for DropCatch, apparently. Any domain name listed in auction at DropCatch, cannot be shared by punching in its live auction URL.

The issue appears to have been ongoing for a while, and it’s definitely frustrating if one wants to share a direct URL to an auction on DropCatch.

For example, when we attempted to share the auction link to Ofset.orga terrible typo – this is what Twitter shows:

Trying again, or with another DropCatch URL does not change the error page either.

Several web sites claiming to have a “fix” for the “something went wrong” error on Twitter are offering no real solutions.

In our opinion, this issue is related to an intentional block of the domain’s URL by Twitter, and can only be circumvented if one disables the domain by e.g. adding (.)com.

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