The domain journey : Who’s winning? - Making its brokers money. – Making its brokers money.

A fun story to start your Monday with., a “Chinese premium” four letter  .com domain, has been on the auction chopping block for a while now.

As eagle-eyed reader Dale points out, was purchased, through a third party, for the price of $2,500 dollars a year ago.

The third party broker was paid a 15% commission fee, or $375 dollars.

Several months later, the domain was sold, through a second third party, for approximately $4,000 dollars.  The commission that time was $400 dollars.

During the past 6 months, the domain was auctioned twice at NameJet; first for $5,700 dollars, and recently for $5,000 dollars.  The two NameJet fees were most likely $855, and $750 dollars respectively.

So in less than a year, the domain has generated $2,380 dollars in auction fees or brokerage commissions!

Who’s winning?

Well, it’s not Charlie Sheen, and is probably the brokers. 😀

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