Official update on the SnapNames auction refunds

SnapNames was on the receiving end of auction winner backlash, after it reversed the outcome of more than a dozen domain auctions and issued refunds. After communicating the issue with the SnapNames support team, its team lead supervisor got in touch with an explanation of what took place. We now have the official response that […]

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New Ventures Services catches own domain name after expiration!

New Ventures Services, the domain warehousing department of Network Solutions, achieved yet another successful expired domain catch—that of its own domain name! expired and was listed on NameJet where everyone and their mother can bid in an attempt to grab this precious domain name. Managing tens of thousands of other expired domain names, the […]

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Winner of auction lost domain via the UDRP process

From the “what were you thinking” department comes the UDRP of the domain Matching the name of popular mega-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, this domain was in the possession of the Hollywood actor until August 2022 but it wasn’t renewed. Instead of dropping, the domain name ended up in a NameJet auction and someone from Indonesia […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. #NameJet auctioned #domain grabbed by MediaOptions is a great, two syllable LLLL .com domain, beginning and ending with the alphabet’s first letter, “A.” The domain was registered between 1996 – 2021, a full 25 years. The latest registrant was Sealed Air Corporation that apparently allow it to lapse. How did become part of Sealed Air Corporation? In 2007, […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. causing a headache to #NameJet is causing a big headache to NameJet. The former asset of CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. dropped in early April, losing its original registration date of 1999. The NameJet auction that ensued ended up at $1,483 dollars according to NameBio. But then, the domain didn’t change hands for more than 30 days and the gaining […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : #NameJet-auctioned #domain in “perpetual expiration?”

The domain name is an apparent double-auctioned domain at NameJet. According to John Berryhill who pointed out the process, the domain was auctioned on April 6 on NameJet, while in pending delete status: It was then kept in pending delete status by an affiliate registrar of NameJet – OwnRegistrar, Inc. Subsequently, a month later, […]

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Media Options : Active on #DropCatch and #NameJet – Which #domains were added this month?

Media Options and its founder, Drew Rosener, are active bidders on DropCatch and NameJet, where they manage to get some great domains after beating other bidders. It’s almost the end of February, and these Media Options acquisitions are piling up. 😀 Here’s a few domains that we were able to confirm from the bidding activity […]

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#DropCatch is turning into #NameJet!

Domain auction platform, DropCatch, is progressively turning into another online auction platform for owned domains, NameJet. In recent days, DropCatch is auctioning off dozens of owned domains that are not fresh registrations caught by orders placed on its system. A quick research on such names shows that these are domains owned private sellers, just like […]

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Nasim Jahibid : Why I’m bidding on #Penis .com on my favorite #NameJet

Super-active Iranian domain investor, Nasim Jahibid, is back in the limelight, and this time he’s bidding BIG. The prolific domainer loves NameJet, where he often bids as “njhighbid” and crushes the competition every single time. His latest target: the domain name, an asset with huge potential for the end-user. Nasim Jahibid’s high bid of […]

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Undeveloped #domain name : #Penis .com being auctioned during #NamesCon Europe

Looks like NamesCon auctioneers are handling a big one, The private seller whipped out this domain for NamesCon Europe, all while it’s inserted comfortably into an lander. The auction is managed by NameJet, that promoted the adult domain name on Twitter. The same seller owns as well, which totally makes sense! […]

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#Domain bidders upset by newly revealed #NameJet fact!

Domain auction platform, NameJet, has been around for more than a decade, auctioning off domain names. Warehoused domain inventory and expired domains are equally promoted, along with domains of select domain investors. Despite the success that NameJet has seen through the years, a recently revealed fact has upset many of its fans. In a statement […]

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From #NamePros to #NameJet : is being auctioned

It’s rare to see two letter .com domains go in auction, and is one of these rare gems. Two letter .com domains are being snapped by the Chinese, often without consideration to the “quality” of the letters involved. Simply put, China’s capital for LL .com domains is almost unlimited, and many two letter .com […]

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