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Media Options : Active on #DropCatch and #NameJet – Which #domains were added this month?

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

Media Options and its founder, Drew Rosener, are active bidders on DropCatch and NameJet, where they manage to get some great domains after beating other bidders.

It’s almost the end of February, and these Media Options acquisitions are piling up. 😀

Here’s a few domains that we were able to confirm from the bidding activity on DropCatch and NameJet:

  • ArtOfTheVape.com
  • Gulfdax.com
  • PimpMyBrand.com – acquired for $255
  • VitalCBG.com
  • LPBW.com – acquired for $555
  • TokenBrokers.com – acquired for $348
  • KoreaBX.com
  • PacificFish.com – acquired for $455
  • GoodHealthInsurance.com
  • Psilocybinmicrodose.com
  • UNNP.com – acquired for $247
  • Jointclip.com
  • Slange.com – acquired for $956

From this list we see the remarkable bidding activity that manages to stay in the low hundreds while securing the domain. Slange.com, the highest acquisition we could confirm, has 5 million results for the keyword in Google.

It seems that Media Options sold RealKnowledge.com during the same time period.

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One Response to “Media Options : Active on #DropCatch and #NameJet – Which #domains were added this month?”
  1. Stephn says:

    Very high prices to build a portfolio on those kind of names.

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