New Ventures Services catches own domain name after expiration!

New Ventures Services, the domain warehousing department of Network Solutions, achieved yet another successful expired domain catch—that of its own domain name! expired and was listed on NameJet where everyone and their mother can bid in an attempt to grab this precious domain name. Managing tens of thousands of other expired domain names, the loss of would have been quite devastating for the company.

Luckily, the highest bid of $1,388 dollars was placed by the company’s Web Portfolio Manager, Doug Mein.

“I appreciate how helpful the domain industry community has been with this silly mistake we made,” said Doug Mein.

“A lot of times we’ve been twiddling our thumbs waiting for the next big sale from expired domains that never drop at NetSol. This one, boy, are we glad it didn’t drop!” added Doug Mein, smiling.

If were to fall in the hands of an enterprising domain investor such as Drew Rosener, it’d be off the market forever. New Ventures Services would then have to pay at least $2 million dollars to acquire it, a fair amount for a domain of this caliber.

“In the end, we are glad we got a fair sample of our own medicine, so to speak,” said Doug Mein, adding: “We paid less than what we charge for the average domain from our inventory of domains whose owners probably forgot to renew them. It’s a win-win situation, so I’m glad New Ventures will continue its successful services with the domain industry!”

Better luck next time, Drew! 🙂

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