New Ventures Services picks up a bunch of #NNNNNN .com drops from the #Chinese

New Ventures Services, the warehousing operation of, has picked up a bunch of numeric domains on the drop.

The Chinese registrants of these NNNNNN .com domains did not renew them for some reason. New Ventures Services now shows as the registrant.

While New Ventures Services takes over domains expiring at Network Solutions and, it seems they also pick up domains based on potential interest for resale.

Here’s the list of domains, 226 in total:

Numeric domains are liked by the Chinese – Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

After the entire range of NNNNN (5N) .com domain names was exhausted, domainer hopefuls moved onto NNNNNN (6N) .com domain registrations.

Eventually, the Chinese reseller market for numeric domains collapsed, causing many enterprising domainers who lost the proverbial shirt off their backs to drop these domains en masse.

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