New Ventures Services : #Domain warehousing and the risk of getting served with a #UDRP

When you warehouse domains straight from your Registrar subsidiary, there is an inherent risk: being served with a UDRP.

Domains that expire at Network Solutions go to its domain warehousing sister company, New Ventures Services corporation.

Both NetSol and New Ventures are entities under the umbrella, with one being the domain Registrar and the other being a profitable repository of domains that were not renewed.

Daily, more than 500 domain names end up at New Ventures, where they remain to be acquired for a fee. While these prices are generally low and can be negotiated upon, New Ventures has the tendency to renew the domains – sometimes, for several years in a row.

This approach increases the potential for a UDPR, from a party seeking to take over a domain they claim rights to, perhaps expecting it to drop.

So how many UDRP cases has New Ventures been served with over the years?

New Ventures Services Corp.

Our research shows that the number is minimal: 22 UDRP cases were filed against “New Ventures Services” and the company lost them all. In some cases, they responded officially or unofficially, but most times they filed no response. When one takes into account the vast number of domains under management at New Ventures, losing 22 UDRP cases is next to nothing.

Here are the domains that New Ventures Services lost via the UDRP process in the past 10 years, in reverse chronological order:

These 33 domains were involved in the 22 UDRP cases filed, but only 32 domains were transferred; was deemed to be not in control of New Ventures Services at the time.

Whether you love or hate the domain warehousing model, it’s part of the domain name life cycle, and a nice money maker for!

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