Numeric #domains: closed at five figures

Short numeric domain names are sought after, especially by Chinese investors. The Chinese like to use numbers representing letters or words even and a four number (NNNN) .com domain such as can fetch a pretty dollar. Indeed, the auction at DropCatch attracted several bidders with DropCatch user “DefendOr6” scoring the top bid: $38,549 dollars. […]

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We wrote about last year, as the perfect domain for 2020. Naturally, 2020 turned out to be a terrible year globally, thanks to the onslaught of the Coronavirus spreading out of Wuhan, China. For years, the domain forwarded to an Amazon book, written by an eye doctor who owned the domain. The content […]

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Numeric patterns: sold for $36,050 on #DropCatch

Patterns, patterns, patterns. The Chinese love numbers, and when they come in multiples, these numbers translate into great domain sales. The auction for at DropCatch ended at a mind-boggling $36,050 dollars at DropCatch yesterday. Naturally, the winner was First1, an account for Chinese auction house Ename. Digit “4” symbolizes death in China’s numeric culture […]

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New Ventures Services picks up a bunch of #NNNNNN .com drops from the #Chinese

New Ventures Services, the warehousing operation of, has picked up a bunch of numeric domains on the drop. The Chinese registrants of these NNNNNN .com domains did not renew them for some reason. New Ventures Services now shows as the registrant. While New Ventures Services takes over domains expiring at Network Solutions and, […]

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#NNNNN : More than 2,000 five number .com #domains auctioned on a #Chinese platform

If you are after numeric domain names that are affordable, forget the four digit range: Five digit .com domains (NNNNN .com’s) are the next best thing. Chinese auction platform, 4CN, announced that they are auctioning off more than 2,000 NNNNN .com domains. Here’s what the announcement looks like: 2,169 great 5 number .COM domains are […]

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It’s Christmas Eve and someone is getting very excited for their present: The domain was registered in early 1995, at a time when .com registrations were still free. After 25 years, is in the possession of Dr. Joseph DiGirolamo, which makes sense: 20/20 is a reference to vision metrics, or having a perfect […]

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Domain King’s sale of is just one NNNN .com #domain out of 15

The Domain King announced the sale of his premium numeric domain,, late last month. News of the $120,000 dollar sale was shared by Rick Schwartz, who said in part: “The majority of my domains have been sold by brokers that I didn’t hire but contacted me when they had a client!“ The sale was […]

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Joint ventures : #XYZ and #GoDaddy to give away bidder identification #domains

GoDaddy and XYZ are joining forces; the newly announced allocation of unique bidder identification numbers is a ground-breaking improvement at the biggest domain registrar in the world. Using the blockchain to manage user numbers for GoDaddy auctions will utilize the XYZ Registry‘s unique technology. XYZ founder, Daniel Negari, explained the process: “We are delighted to […]

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Did the #domain really sell for $1,175 dollars at #Sedo ?

Numeric domains are the holy grail of Chinese domain investors; among them, certain numbers are globally recognized. The number “360” is one of these special numbers, signifying a circle in degrees, or metaphorically, a full vision or perception of an object or activity. We already know that the matching .com domain,, sold for a […]

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Which NNN .com domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions?

Another big sale was revealed by Rick Schwartz today; the portfolio of 10 NNN .com domains was brokered for several million dollars. Which numeric domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions? After some digging we came up with the list of the 10 NNN .com domains just sold by the Domain King; Rick said […]

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Rick Schwartz sells yet another NNN .com domain,

If you perused the list of Rick Schwartz’s numeric domains we shared a while back, you can scratch off that list. Earlier today, the Domain King® shared the news of the sale, tweeting thus: “Just sold . Chinese market alive and well! Great .Com Domains outperform EVERY single stock on the market! #domains” […]

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West.CN auctions: Single digit domain 2.XYZ sold for how much?

Short, numeric domains in almost every TLD seem to be doing well, and .XYZ is no exception. Still, it’s a hit or miss, and it depends on the market conditions, particularly of the Chinese domain market. According to DNJournal, last year’s biggest single digit domain sales include 1.XYZ for $181,000 dollars and 9.XYZ for $170,000 […]

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