Which NNN .com domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions?


Rick Schwartz invests in crypto domains.

Another big sale was revealed by Rick Schwartz today; the portfolio of 10 NNN .com domains was brokered for several million dollars.

Which numeric domains did Rick Schwartz just sell for millions?

After some digging we came up with the list of the 10 NNN .com domains just sold by the Domain King; Rick said that he purchased them in 1997/1998 for a mere $700 dollars.

Now, that’s some serious return on investment!

Here’s the list:

All of these domains went to a Chinese buyer – where else? 😀

While Rick Schwartz won’t reveal the price, we’re certain it surpasses $3 million USD, perhaps as high as $5 million.

Rick still owns several LLL .com and NNNN .com domains in his 6,000+ strong domain portfolio. Rick also invests in crypto domains.

Congratulations for this massive domain sale, Rick!

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