Global Digital Summit 2023: Tech-centric event takes place in Wuxi, China

Chinese domain investors, rejoice: Global Digital Summit (GDS) is a multi-discipline, international conference taking place in Wuxi, China. The event takes place from June 14-16, 2023 and includes the following focus segments: Domain Names Cloud Computing Digital Marketing Artificial Intelligence Anticipated attendance exceeds 2,000 people, more than this year’s NamesCon. With 30 “keynote speeches” the event’s […]

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Domain deal: The Chinese method of investing

China‘s domain community is strong, having rolled out several waves and trends of investing: “Chinese” letter LLL and LLLL .com’s, numeric domain names, Pinyin, and more. Using the Latin character set for most domain name investments is the norm in China, but what exactly do China’s investors learn from those that succeeded? A quick translation […]

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Yue Dai: Chinese domainer drops several LL .com #domains!

Call it an unlucky moment, or an accident but it really happened: Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) somehow lost control of a large number of short, valuable domain names. The dropped list includes LL .com domains, LLL .com domains and even the ultra-valuable Said Yue Dai about the incident: Yes, you read […]

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NamesCon “online?” #Chinese #domainers already meet in person!

Are you attending NamesCon Online from September 22nd to 24th? That event is taking place online, obviously. A lot of domain investors are experiencing online fatigue already, yearning for an in-person domain conference but in the US and Europe that’s a big no-no thanks to the Covid19 pandemic. Not a problem in China, it seems, […]

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The domain has been in the possession of Chinese entrepreneur and investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue.) The Yuming founder operates an impressive domain portfolio that includes numerous LL .com domains and promotes as “an international real estate website” seeking partners worldwide. It’s exactly that worldwide reference that has the registrant all excited; […]

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Unreported sales : and in the hands of Chinese #domain investors

Domain sales are shaped like an iceberg, with only 10% of it visible to outsiders. Here comes the previously unreported sale of, a cryptocurrency domain in the possession of legendary Chinese domain investor, Yue Dai (Dai Yue.) In this exciting statement, Yue Dai not only shared that he owns, but that the domain […]

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Yue Dai : Novel way of promoting two letter #domain name

Chinese domain investor and entrepreneur, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) acquired the two letter domain not too long ago. The enterprising domainer from China has been proud of his efforts to engage with CEOs of major companies and promote domain names – preferably, the ones he wants to sell. 😀 A recent “attempt” at promoting […]

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Yue Dai : Why I gave away the #domain name

Yue Dai manages a large portfolio of two letter .com domains and operates Yuming. In a recent announcement, Yue Dai acquired the domain from its registrant for $10,000 dollars, and then donated it to CSDN. Founded in 1999, using CSDN.NET, CSDN is a large community of Chinese programmers, with a total of 30 million […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. : Should the #Chinese #domain investors buy out #Greece?

Greece has welcomed Chinese investors in recent years, through the provision of the golden visa program. Investing in premium real estate lots in Greece ensured extended stay and travel across Europe. Many affluent investors from China enjoy this privileged lifestyle on Greek shores. Now, it might be time to sell the premium domain, that […]

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Digital #Yuan might lead #Chinese #domain name investors back to LLLL .com peak

China is rolling out its digital Yuan in four cities, and this is a hot cryptocurrency we’re talking about. The Chinese central bank digital currency is being tested as part of a subsidies method for local government and enterprise workers in four cities: Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Xiongan. A digital wallet app has been released […]

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#Yuming CEO : #China’s brokers cheaper, better for selling #domain names

In the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, some positive news from China: Yuming, a domain marketplace with its own in-house brokers, is allegedly better than their American counterparts. At least, that’s the “ballsy” point of view of its CEO, Yue Dai – which sounds rather ominous in Pinyin – touting the services of Said […]

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Smart choice: Two letter domain moves to #China

China is the coronavirus epicenter, but this news is bigger:, a premium, aged two letter domain, has just moved to Chinese virtual soil. Registered in 1996, this absolute beauty of a domain is one of the most famous two letter acronyms, as it stands for intelligence quotient. According to domain name specialist, Jamie Zoch […]

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