Yue Dai : Novel way of promoting two letter #domain name SH.com

Chinese domain investor and entrepreneur, Yue Dai (Dai Yue) acquired the two letter domain SH.com not too long ago.

The enterprising domainer from China has been proud of his efforts to engage with CEOs of major companies and promote domain names – preferably, the ones he wants to sell. 😀

A recent “attempt” at promoting his two letter domain, SH.com, involved holding up a sign with SH.com next to the LU.com logo in Shanghai, China.

LU.com is a financial platform by Pingan.com and its two letter .com is seen by 100,000 people daily – the sign is next to a busy train station.

LU.com and SH.com

Yue Dai (Dai Yue) hopes to reach out to the LU.com CEO with an asking price of 100 million yuan, or about $14.165 million dollars.

The fun part: the two LL .com domains together spell “LUSH” which is a great brand of cosmetics at Lush.com.

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