Yue Dai : Why I gave away the #domain name CSDN.cn

Yue Dai manages a large portfolio of two letter .com domains and operates Yuming.

In a recent announcement, Yue Dai acquired the domain CSDN.cn from its registrant for $10,000 dollars, and then donated it to CSDN.

Founded in 1999, using CSDN.NET, CSDN is a large community of Chinese programmers, with a total of 30 million registered accounts.

As dot .CN is more popular in China than dot .net, the gift was welcomed. Says Yue Dai:

CSDN.net will be switching to CSDN.cn

I just gave away a good domain csdn.cn

CSDN, the world’s largest Chinese IT community, has just arrived in changsha, my city, to set up its headquarters

CSDN was founded in 1999, using CSDN.NET, ranked 27th by ALEXA.

It is a very famous website in China, with a total of 30 million programmers registered accounts

On May 9, the founder of CSDN and the mayor of changsha signed a strategic cooperation agreement to move the headquarters to changsha.

In the evening, I asked jiang tao, the founder of CSDN, to have lunch together.

On the evening of 5.9, whois of csdn.cn was first inquired Csdn.cn was registered on March 17, 2003, which was registered on the first day of the open registration of .cn domain

The holder is a Chinese domain name investor, and I bought csdn.cn at the price of about $10,000

He didn’t know when I will send a domain name to meet him, he was very surprised, very much like to CSDN. CN (in China, the CN than.net popularity is much higher), and released information on WeChat, more than 1000 famous Chinese CEO can know I give the news of their domain, will drive more programmers to register the domain name, that’s great.

Source: LinkedIn.

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