#Yuming CEO : #China’s brokers cheaper, better for selling #domain names

In the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, some positive news from China: Yuming, a domain marketplace with its own in-house brokers, is allegedly better than their American counterparts.

At least, that’s the “ballsy” point of view of its CEO, Yue Daiwhich sounds rather ominous in Pinyin – touting the services of Yuming.com.

Said Yue Dai, comparing the domain brokerage services of Western and China’s Yuming brokers to handle domain transactions:

“Many brokers have suggested that I entrust our domain name to them exclusively. Thank you very much for their interest and concern. I want to say what time difference between China and the United States and other countries: 1, the domain name brokerage commissions in China is about 2-10%, most (3%), while the United States is 10% – 15%, 2, and the United States authorized exclusive agent asked me, and the domain DNS Settings for them, and China’s more than most of them are entrusted agent to sell the domain name, who sell commission will give who, for a domain name investor, so better.”

In short translation, Mr. Yue Dai says that Chinese brokers do it cheaper, undercutting American domain brokers by about 12% in domain commissions. They are also in the same timezone for the transaction, and they don’t need to tweak the DNS settings to broker the domains.

The Yuming marketplace boasts a portfolio of 16 LL .com domains and another 10,000 hand-picked domains as well.

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