Two letter .com sold : was acquired by Yue Dai (Dai Yue) as a birthday gift

The premium two letter .com domain name has changed hands, all while remaining in a Chinese investor’s possession.

Yuming founder, Yue Dai, announced the acquisition of his 17th LL .com earlier today, as a birthday gift to himself:

I would like to announce that is my 17th 2L domain name, whose value is equivalent to California or New York. This is my birthday gift to myself. I will not sell it until 2020.7.1, and I plan to invest in a good project in Shanghai.

Yue Dai, often times referred to as “Dai Yue,” operates where an impressive roster of LL .com and LLL .com domain names are listed for sale. The letters “SH” represent Shanghai, in this case.

What a birthday present! 😀 – the first two letters of Shanghai, China.

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